The ratings of the afternoon without having Said that: Channel 5 is still the network to beat


Published on May 14, 2019


The may 13, 2019, began a lengthy period in the company of cycling on Rai 2 and then the daily appointment with the Said and Done. The program presented in this edition, Bianca Guaccero, will return in September, hopefully, with a new edition. How to change the ratings of the afternoon program of Rai 2 as seen by an average of between 900 thousand and one million viewers? Let's analyze the first day without Said Done and let us realize what has happened.

So let's see the numbers.

On Rai 2 of the Giro d'italia was seen da852.000 viewers (6.6%) in the direct and 1.357.000 (12.2%) at the arrival Process to the Stage 972.000 (8.5%).

On Bbc1, Come to Me convinced 1.984.000 spectators (14% share) and the Paradise of The Lord 1.766.000 (15.4%). La Vita in diretta " informs 1.368.000 viewers (12.3%) in the presentation and 1.658.000 (14.2%) in the program.

As you can see from the data collected by Come from me, definitely the program of Caterina Balivo, as well as the soap on rai 1, took advantage of the absence of the Said Fact, but not by much. For what concerns Come to me you grow up a punt of the share, and perhaps 300 thousand spectators. As the first day without the controprogrammazione to the female of Rai 2, is not much of a change.

Beautiful 2.906.000 viewers (18.9%), A Life 2.796.000 viewers with 18.7% market share while Men and Women have made to the company for 3.051.000 spectators equal to 23.1% share (final 2.475.000 – 21.7%).

The GF 2.387000 spectators (21.7%), Amici di Maria De Filippi 2.416.000 viewers (22.1%), while The Secret abbreviation is 21.9% with 2.414.000 spectators; in the Afternoon the Five, it goes to 17.2% with 1.951.000 spectators in the first part, at 17.5% with 2.071.000 spectators in the second and 15.3% with 1.989.000 spectators in the third, of short duration.

In the afternoon, Channel 5 remains from the beat: Maria de Filippi, with the throne over Men and Women don't lose shots, indeed. It goes on listening to a record in may, a few days after the end of the programme of Channel 5.

We will see in the next few days what is going to happen!

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