The ratings of the Afternoon: The life in the direct and in the Afternoon 5 head-to-head with the news on coronavirus


Published on Feb 25, 2020


Change of the playlist must for all the programs that in these days follow live what is happening in Italy. And there are many people who carefully follow all the latest news on the emergency coronavirus. The programs of the day time of Mediaset and Rai, but not only, continue to inform. From the links that are in the vicinity of the red zones, to interviews with those who in these hours is taking decisions that count. The tv viewers are growing for two reasons: a lot less people to work, a lot more people that want to keep up to date on what is happening.

For what concerns the ratings of the afternoon, is head-to-head between The vita in diretta " and the Afternoon 5 with the two programs that earn good ratings. Per share, the victory goes to Rai 1 with a good live Life. The work of Alberto Matano and Lorella Cuccarini also impresses with the choices to give two steps to the program. Moments, most serious and pure information with Alberto Matano and key, then the more familiar, but always on time with the equally good Lorella Cuccarini.

So let's see the numbers with the data of listening to relating to the the afternoon of February 24, 2020

La Vita in diretta " informs 2.437.000 viewers with 17.7% (presentation 2.032.000 – 16.3%). The average, therefore, is 2.230 spectators

These, however, the numbers of Afternoon 5

Afternoon Five, it goes to 16.1% with 2.094.000 spectators in the first part, to 17.8% with 2.592.000 spectators in the second and 15.4% with 2.488.000 spectators in the third, of short duration. The average of 2.3 million viewers. A true head-to-head between the two programs that have the public informed with the latest news on the emergency coronavirus from Italy and the world.

In share, the victory goes, very little to the program of Rai 1.

Also in this case, as happens in the Morning, 5 and Italian Stories, a substantial difference. Barbara d'urso in direct from Cologno Monzese without an audience, with a greater perception of the nightmare that the Lombardy region is currently experiencing. Empty Studio, the guests reduced. In Rome, Alberto Matano and Lorella Cuccarini that in early February, have lived there for a few hours, the emergency after the first two outbreaks in Rome, told in direct with the public and guests what happens.

Here the ratings of the Italian Stories and Morning 5 record

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