The ratings of the afternoon, the 16th of march: what to look at the Italian


Published on Mar 17, 2020


Change the schedules, change the number of people in front of the tv. And the numbers are growing as the desire to learn of those who at home is forced to endure a forced confinement that remember him, has the only purpose to save our health and the lives of so many people.

Change the program of Rai 1 that sees Lorella Cuccarini and Alberto Matano deployed from 14, with an edition longer than the program. Nothing Come to me, Caterina Balivo in the pits, waiting to return to live with his program. It also changes the program of Rai 2 with the temporary suspension of the Said Fact. And you also change to Channel 5 that suspends Men and Women, and that in pre evening then, send in the wave replicas of Next another ( reason for which, according to rumors that come from Mediaset, Mary would have suspended a week before his program) .

Change then a bit of everything. We see the italians, what they decide to follow, and how to inform in the afternoon.

From the data recorded yesterday you can see that there is great want of information, perhaps even more than entertainment.

Here is the data auditel related to the march 16, 2020:

On rai 1 La Vita in diretta (part one)airs from 14 immediately after the Tg, instead of coming to me. Yesterday is a view from 2.658.000 spectators equal to 14.4% of the audience (inside from 14.49 at 15.05, TG1 – Extraordinary Edition: 3.155.000 – 17.1%).

To follow remains the wave of the soap the Paradise of The Lord has convinced 2.446.000 viewers with 15.3%. It goes on with the second part of The Life Direct view from 2.901.000 spectators with 16% (presentation: 2.228.000 – 14.1%). The choice of the Rai, to inform with life directly after the Tg has paid off, with ratings growth in the time slot.

Great ratings on Channel 5 for the soap. Beautiful is 3.390.000 viewers with 15.6%. A Life 2.934.000 viewers with 14.6% share. To follow the cycle for the Inga Lindstrom the Heart of Ice has got 1.924.000 viewers with 11.3%. The absence of Men and Women weighs a ton, lost more than 15 points of share, and at least 1 million spectators.

It goes on with the day time of the Big Brother Vip 2.195.000 viewers with 14.2%. Amici di Maria De Filippi – Towards the Evening he collected 2.549.000 viewers with 16.5%. The Secret 2.507.000 spectators equal to 15.7% of share. Despite the bar not too exciting, and in the Afternoon Five has made the company to 2.472.000 viewers (14.7%), in the first part, 2.936.000 viewers (15.1%), in the second part, and 2.732.000 viewers (13%) in the last part of the short-term.

Let's see the other networks. On Rai2La Fighter – Attack at Sea at the place of the Said Fact, record 596.000 spectators with the 3%. Why I kidnapped my boss 670.000 viewers with 4%. On Italia1 Sport Mediaset 1.224.000 viewers with 5.5% The Simpsons 1.101.000 viewers (5.4%), in the first episode, 1.142.000 spectators (6%), in the second episode, and 1.046.000 spectators (6%), in the third episode. The series The Big Bang Theory marks 808.000 viewers (5%). Italy 1 for the family with Shrek 2 : the 850,000 viewers with 5.3%. Big Brother Vip has collected 574.000 viewers with 3.1%.

On rai-3 in the appointment with the news of the TGR was followed by 4.157.000 viewers with 19.9%. The Large Literature has gathered 539.000 viewers (3.3%). Waiting for Geo... marks 964.000 viewers with 6.2%. Geo has recorded 1.659.000 spectators with 9%. On Tg4 The Door of the Forum in replication was followed by 712.000 viewers with 3.7%. On La7 Tagadà interested 892.000 viewers (share 5.4%), while Tagadoc got 372.000 viewers with 2.2%.

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