The ratings of the afternoon in phase 2: fall live Life and Afternoon 5, resist soap and U&D


Published on May 06, 2020


How to change the habits of the italians in phase 2 and as a change so even listen in the first days after the end of the partial lockdown? Giving a look to data auditel in the last days we can obviously notice the big change. We are far from the numbers that you recorded before and after Easter. Many fewer spectators in front of the tv, and the afternoon decline for programs that instead, in the last few weeks, they had made excellent plays. Strong fall for The vita in diretta", which it definitely pays also the lack of coupling de the Paradise of The lord ( which went from an average of 2.6 million viewers with new original episodes to an average of 1.3 with the replicas). Decrease also the ratings in the Afternoon 5 but here's, it's a phenomenon, on the contrary. The program by Barbara d'urso, in fact, should benefit from the return wave of Men and Women, from almost 3 million viewers in the latest episodes, and instead apparently after The secret is turn off the tv, maybe to go eat a ice cream or to make a run to the park?

Difficult for Rai 1, the restart of Come to me, to regain the public after two months to stop was not easy, but already from the first to the second day, Caterina Balivo has regained a slice of the audience. And it might go better in the next few days!

Let's see in detail the numbers, taking into account the data auditel of the day yesterday, may 5, 2020.

Let's start with the data auditel related to programs broadcast on Rai 1

Come to Me 1.703.000 spectators equal to 10.6% of the audience. The replication de the Paradise of The Lord 1.481.000 spectators with 12%. Life Direct 1.652.000 viewers with 13.8% (presentation: 1.277.000 – 11.5%).

To live Life definitely the choice to televise the replicas of the Paradise is not the best, perhaps it would be better to lengthen the direct to Come to me or maybe first revert to the wave. But it is clear that to ask another effort to Lorella Cuccarini and Alberto Matano, is not simple.

Let's move to Channel 5.

On Canale5 Beautiful 3.218.000 viewers with 17%. A Life 2.868.000 viewers with 16.8% share. To follow Men and Women 2.857.000 viewers with 19.6% (Final 2.601.000 – 20.2%). The Secret 2.136.000 spectators equal to 18.9% share. Afternoon Five 1.569.000 viewers (14.1%), in the first part, 1.829.000 viewers (14.4%), in the second part.

As you can see from the data of listening, resist the soap and also Men and Women continues to do well, while buying a house compared to the bet on Monday. The average of the ratings of the Afternoon 5 between the first and the second part, allows to the program by Barbara d'urso to win in the challenge with The live life.

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