The ratings of the afternoon: evil Rai with Life in a direct and Said and Done. Channel 5 is unbeatable


Published on Sep 27, 2019


The month of September draws to a close, and a month after the beginning of all programs broadcast on Rai and Mediaset, we can draw some conclusions for what concerns the ratings of the main programs broadcasted in this autumn 2019. How did the ratings, how are they going to listen to what has happened in this first month? The conclusions are quite simple. Without if and without but, without any doubt, even in this month of September, as happens now, in the afternoon of the italians see the absolute triumph of Mediaset. The soap. Men and Women, and in the Afternoon 5: there is no one. The Rai has a hole resounding from 14 to 18.45, and the experiments made in recent years are not served to nothing! And even the decision to televise Said and Done, he has condemned the program of Rai 2 without help Come to me ( the same as Carlo Freccero in one of his last interviews he has hinted that the decision to move the Said Fact to the 14 did not depend from his will).

We take a day to do a more precise analysis with the numbers and analyze the data of 26 September 2019 ( which are in line with those of the rest of the month).

Here are the ratings related to the afternoon of the 26th September 2019:

On Bbc1, Come to Me convinced 1.485.000 spectators, equal to 11.7% of the audience. LaVita Direct has collected 1.066.000 viewers with 11.2%, in the presentation, and the 1,300,000 viewers with 13.6%.

The live life does not take off and record listening is also in decline compared to the last edition that already shone. To give a final judgement we need to wait for the month of October when you live Life will go on air at 16,50 and will not have the first part of the wave to 16 ( we will see later, Come to me soap the paradise of The lord). To Come to me listen to in the media with the past season: even if Said Fact lose the public, the program of Caterina Balivo does not grow.

Carlo Freccero not expressed concern of the audience in the afternoon on Rai 2. He also added that programs such as the In my kitchen are all the promotional and then make cash, network money regardless of the ratings. The problem is that the new program Cracco destroys Said and Done that does not have any kind of towing.

On Rai2Nella My Kitchen has collected 381.000 viewers with 2.7%. Said and Done get 439.000 viewers with 3.9%. Open and Win got 349.000 viewers with 3.8%

The bold and the Beautiful fan 2.687.000 viewers with 18.2%. A Life has convinced 2.575.000 viewers with 18.3% share. To follow Men and Women got 2.745.000 viewers with 23.2% (Final 2.310.000 – 23.1%). The Secret 2.059.000 spectators equal to the 22.1% share. Afternoon Five 1.676.000 viewers (18.4%), in the first part, 1.847.000 viewers (18.5%), in the second part, and 1.536.000 viewers (14.3%) in the last part of the short-term.

Channel 5 reigns supreme and is the network that collects the best plays of the afternoon, arriving even at certain times ( see from 14 to 15 ) and beyond even the competition.

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