The ratings of the Afternoon Channel 5: new record with Beautiful, close to three million


Published on Oct 10, 2018


In the afternoon on Rai 1 has undergone a revolution that is not served really to anything: Channel 5 confirms the absolute leader in the afternoon. And with a novelty: if, in fact, last year the primacy reached only around 13,45 thanks to the bold and the Beautiful, in this season, the leadership starts from the noon, with the Forum, which confirms the program's most-watched. But let's talk about the afternoon: Beautiful fly back to the top as he has done in the past and is scoring record ratings in the afternoon on Channel 5. Think about the whole day of yesterday, October 9, 2018. Thanks to the bold and the Beautiful, Channel 5 is nearly triple the audience of Rai 1 with Come to me now to be stable at 10% of the share. Listen to good even for A life and of course super listen for Men and Women, the absolute leader in the afternoon. Wheel are good The secret and the day time of Big Brother Vip. He also won the Afternoon to Five, and that despite all the constant proclamations of the presenter, could do a lot better given the coupling that has but the public turns off the tv or change the channel. In any case, even in the Afternoon 5 the its and beats the competition.

We see the numbers.

Listen the bold and the Beautiful October 9, 2018: On Canale5 the bold and the Beautiful fan 2.813.000 viewers with 19.7%.

Listen to A life, October 9, 2018: A Life has convinced 2.642.000 viewers with 19.1% share.

Listen to Men and Women, October 9, 2018: Men and Women interested 2.707.000 viewers with 23% (the final: 2.260.000 – 22.6%).

Listen to Big Brother Vip day time October 9, 2018: Big Brother Vip has been followed by 2.339.000 viewers with 23.6%.

Listen to The secret 9 October 2018: The Secret has achieved an average audience of 2.183.000 spectators equal to 22.9% share.

Listen to the Afternoon 5 October 9, 2018: in the Afternoon the Five has made the company to 1.620.000 viewers (17.3%), in the first part, 1.843.000 viewers (17.5%), in the second part, and to 1.706.000 viewers (14.7%), in the third part of the short-term.

There is a race between the Rai 1 and Canale 5 . Mediaset is also very strong for a very young audience in this band does not lose shots. We note, however, a slight decrease in Men and Women, the throne over and Gemma Galgani are starting to simmer now that for three years you repeat the same things?

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