The ratings of the 18 September 2019 reward Rosy Abate 2 queen of the first evening


Published on Sep 19, 2019


Rosy Abate is back and is felt. Giulia Michelini is terrific in his portrayal of the queen of Palermo, even if, at least in the first episode, tried to be a mother, more that a criminal. And the audience of Channel 5, which was expected by two more years of this great return, has proved to be particularly affectionate with Rosy. Moreover, the decision to dedicate to the mafia in a series all his own, is not random. The public is fond of, in love with this character, its many facets and its many changes and can't do without. That is a ruthless criminal, a woman in a crisis of mysticism, a loving mother no matter: in the eyes of Rosy glows the sacred fire, the one that the public knows how to recognize and rewards. And should be acknowledged also to the authors of this second season: good plot, not predictable and banal. Some of those small doubts there are always inconsistencies that jar. But we are always on Channel 5, the series comes to a certain type of audience and in the end that's okay.

There is, however, the desire to do well also from the point of view of the direction and photography you can tell by how this series turned around, a step forward for mediaset, moreover, had already proven Not to Lie and the silence of The water you have made that step forward the right to the seriality of the future.


Of course we are far to listen to the records that occurred when the Team anti-mafia brought in front of the tv more than 8 million spectators, but we are in line with the prime time Channel 5. And if the numbers also allow you to beat Rai 1, then the game is done.

And now we give the numbers.

At Home all Well 3.169.000 spectators equal to 14.3% of the share. On Channel 5 Rosy Abate 2 3.544.000 spectators equal to the 17.2% share. On rai-2 the Volleyball match France-Italiaha interested 1.607.000 spectators equal to 6.7% of share. On Italia 1 The Fantastic 4 has captured the attention of 1.123.000 viewers (4.9%). On Rai3 anyone Who has Seen it? gathered in front of the video 1.642.000 spectators equal to one share of 8%. On Rete4 Out from the Chorus has one to.m. of 807.000 viewers with 4.4% share.

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