The ratings of Friends 18 to Saturday evening: Maria de Filippi discuss the challenge with Dancing


Published on Mar 29, 2019


For years Maria de Filippi asked his company to move the evening of Friends on a different day of the week but, apparently, Mediaset and Publitalia, rely heavily on the talent of Channel 5, which remains anchored to the Saturday evening. Maria de Filippi, a few hours from the debut of this 18th edition in the early evening of Saturday, is keen to make clarifications, which will also affect the evening Friends and listeners. The presenter said, in fact, not to be interested in the war of the audience, she watches her and tries to bring a tv a well-made product. Perhaps it is true that the presenter will not give much weight to the ratings but, of course, those who work around her, never loses sight of even a minute of the curves in the analysis of the data auditel, not surprisingly, Betty Soldiers, at the head of the press office that takes care of the programs in the Set, we update with consistency on all of those who are the data auditel of the various products of the Charm. But we want to believe Mary when she says that to her, the ratings don't interest you. Of the rest there are so many people interested in the data auditel around her ( and what obviously is not a bad thing since listening to you live, especially in a business network) ...

But let us return to the words of Maria de Filippi in his last interview to The Republic.

Here are the words of Maria de Filippi, in his interview to La Repubblica:

“In the time in which the network places the other show, Friends, remains to Saturday. And Publitalia choose: is the program with more and more publicity (...) I asked for Dancing with the stars. I'm not interested in the war of the audience, I would not make a bad figure. I take care of all the details behind the programs, there are hours of work. Friends is a talent special, there is behind a school, today it is a luxury.”

And speaking of the words of those who think that power is in his hands, the De Filippi says:

“Sfatiamola once and for all, this story that “Mary has no power” is bullshit. In spite of the results that port, when Pier Silvio asked me something I always said yes.”

And to find out if really no one interested in the ratings of Friends in comparison with Dancing with the stars, we just have to wait for the Sunday appointment with the data from auditel. We'll see what happens!

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