The Punisher: the series was in danger of never


Published on Jan 01, 2019


The spin-off of Daredevil was launched at the end of last year, after the tragedy that had led to 59 people murdered in a concert of country music in Las Vegas on the 1st of October 2017.

Marvel had also deleted the showcase for the TV series to the New York Comic Con. The plaintiff Jason R. Moore, who plays the ally of Frank Castle, Curtis Hoyle, in the series, has revealed to Collider that he was worried that the show would have been cancelled after the tragic event, and that he should start looking for another job.

The show was presented for the first time on Netflix almost six weeks later, gaining enough hype to get a second order of the season. And while many fans seem eager to see other firms of Frank Castle, this might be the last season of the series.

However, it is unlikely that the cancellation is linked to a tragedy in the real world. Netflix is apparently ending all the series for Marvel Television. The giant of the stream has signed agreements with Marvel comics and ABC Studios to produce The Punisher and the other shows in the MCU, but now Netflix has started producing its own original content. Creating its own streaming service on the part of Disney seems to be the main factor in the decision of Netflix to cancel the popular flagship series Daredevil, as well as shows such as Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

We will see what will be the fate of Frank Castle.

The Punisher: the series has almost never is




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