The Prophecy of the Armadillo: the interview with director and cast


Published on Sep 13, 2018


Cinema Giulio Cesare of Rome, was held the press preview de the Prophecy of The Armadillo (HERE FOR OUR REVIEW), a daring film that brings the first beloved comics Zerocalcare on the big screen. In the room, in addition to a large number of journalists, also present were the director, Emanuele Scaringi and actors Simon Freed (Zerocalcare) eValerio Aprea (Armadillo).

Ceased the applause in the room, the obvious first question: Zero has seen the movie? “I understand that he is the only reason why you are here, in Venice was more important than the absence of Zerocalcare all the rest (laughs). Of course he has seen it, and being one of the writers, but he from the very beginning, already before seeing the movie, he wanted to clarify that it would not have been involved in the promotion. The many requests then led him to draw the pictures which probably some of you will have read, where he clarifies his position: he made the book and the screenplay, and then there is a third thing, the movie, in different part, that belongs to other people, which of course made it” responds Valerio Aprea, with Scaringi about the birth of the Armadillo, played beautifully by the actor: “it was a solution born on the way, we have tried several solutions such as an animation to the Roger Rabbit, felt too alien and ‘strange’ in a film with themes so deep and then also a prosthetic to the ‘Star Trek’, but a mouse is 2 meters was not a laugh... the CGI was immediately rejected. Also in the comics, the Armadillo is not realistic, but very ironic, and with this awareness, remaining in the world that he quotes and pays homage to the continuous, we opted for something more material, and ‘giocattoloso’, recalling a little of the Gremlins and all that world of the years ’80-’90”.

The director, urged on by present, also explains the challenge faced in adapting a comic book: “it was definitely difficult, there were so many elements to take into consideration, it was a work different from adapting a comic book superhero. The story tells about the life of Michael and I believe that the reason the conductor, also of the same comic, is this elaboration of the mourning, with a tone of comedy. Adapting it to the big screen, we anchored in a narrative respecting the world of Zerocalcare, and describing it in the best way possible, in a cohesive and not fragmented, inspiring us also to the stories of Every Damn Monday, and the fanzine”.

Great protagonist, of course, Simon Freed in the shoes of the author roman: “I spoke with Michael, but not much. Emanuele and I met him in the period in which he was working to Rubble First, and he told me clearly that he had no advice for me, and, conversing with him I have taken away the main information and, above all, that I had to do a personal work, starting from the reading of comics. It is difficult to interpret a character so popular, I myself as a reader and I realize that often there is appropriated characters, and it reflects, therefore, the responsibility to represent him to the cinema, it was so much and I didn't want to disappoint him. Key to addressing the character and were the comics and the same Michael with his sentence made me understand this...of course, I could understand it being 24 hours on 24 with him, the work was on the character of the comic. I tried to absorb all of its emotional levels, especially the irony of melancholy that shines through very much in the works, trying in all ways not to banalizzarla“.

The other protagonist is the city of Rome, alive and real in the film: “we Wanted to tell, through the shooting, a Rome ‘less view’, without playing to the stereotypes of the suburbs, do not carry immediately in the foreground the houses are too ‘Gomorrah’. The Rome of the movies, more that a non-place, is a world city and as a result the entire area of the Tiburtina becomes a periphery of the world,” explains the director.

The Prophecy of the Armadillo: the interview with the director and the cast is




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