The proof of the cook cala compared to 2018: share-to-peak


Published on Sep 11, 2019


It's still early, the public has not yet come in front of the tv, also the other programs of Rai 1 will not shine in an exceptional way. All the objections that could be made to the analysis of the data audietl of the programs broadcast in these days. All true things, as it is true that it is still early to draw conclusions. But it is also true that the numbers are numbers and as such can be commented on. And this is true of course for the test of The cook, who, in the episode of a year ago ( already by listening to disastrous ) exceeded in each case, the 14 % market share and brought home a media audience with 1.4 million viewers in front of the tv. And we say also that this year, The test of the cook lasts less, for which the share of brush on a quite different and inevitably falls. This is also true but, as I said earlier, numbers are numbers and if the program was any good, like maybe last year, someone wished, the numbers would have been well other.

Of the rest, the news of this disaster is not news. No wonder most of these plays, nobody talks about it probably because no one was an improvement compared to the past. The problem is that here we are facing a worsening.

But we see the numbers.

On Bbc1 The Test of the Cook " has collected 1.432.000 viewers with 14.6% share. On Channel 5 the Forum get to 1.245.000 viewers with 16%.

Remember that last year on Rai 2 was already aired The facts that this year is not yet transmitted on the second network ( we are talking about a program with an 8 % market share, a program that removes the public).

SuRai1 The Test of the Cook " has collected 1.371.000 spectators with 11.75% share. On Channel 5 the Forum get to 1.264.000 viewers with 15.09%.

As you can see from these data, the Forum is perfectly in line with the past season while the one who loses is The proof of the cook drops again and falls dangerously in share.

We shall see in the next episodes if the changes made by Elisa Isoardi and his team will be served to entice the public to see the new Test of the cook.

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