The Promised Neverland: first break for the manga


Published on May 11, 2019


The Promised Neverland, the manga weekly written by Kaiu Shirai and designed by Posuka Demizu, began in Japan on Weekly Shonen Jump in August 2016 and, literally, the authors have never decided to take a week off from work.

For almost three years, therefore, the work moves to the drum beating and the authors have rested exclusively on the occasion of breaks of Shueisha related to anniversaries and holidays.

That said, we are here to inform you that The Promised Neverland, as spread by the advances of the number 24 of Shonen Jump (may 13), will for the first time in a pause in the number 25 of Weekly Shonen Jump on Monday (may 20) for reasons of ill-health of the writer Shirai.

The work, however, will return again in the next issue of the 27th of may.

Here is the message of the editorial department of Weekly Shonen Jump and author Shirai on the break:

“Thank you for being faithful supporters of The Promised Neverland. This time, the original creator of the story, Kaiu Shirai, you shall submit to medical checks for his current health. The manga will be on break, in the number 25 of Shonen Jump (may 20) and then return in the next next week. For the readers who were waiting for the next chapter, I want to apologize. I was worried about what I should write about this issue. Thanks again for your continuous support towards The Promised Neverland.“

“I'm really sorry. I'm disperatamene trying all ways to recover. See you soon in the edition of 20 may!“.

Neverland''s absence is due to Kaiu Shirai (writer)'s bad health

— SP Manga (@SPManga1) May 9, 2019

— 💥The Promised Neverland💥 (@TPNManga) May 9, 2019

"I'm really sorry. I am desperately trying to get better. I will come back soon. In the May 20th issue!" – Kaiu Shirai

— 💥The Promised Neverland💥 (@TPNManga) May 10, 2019

Emma, Norman and Ray live happily since birth in an orphanage, surrounded by a dense forest, cared for by a loving “mom”. Their illusion of normalcy falls apart when they discover what really happens to those who leave the house to be “adopted”, and what's behind it is the wall that delimits the forest: the kids do not remains that wits to try to escape. Begins a deadly game of cat and mouse!

The Promised Neverland is written by Kaiu Shirai and designed by Posuka Demizu on the pages of the weekly magazine of Weekly Shonen Jump, from 1 August 2016. The manga currently has come to the chapter number 133 with 13 volumes published.

In Italy the work is published by J-POP with the first 8 volumes available.

On the 4th of June 2018 has been released in Japan and online stores in the first light novel inspired by the manga. The story is focused on co-star Norman, who, on the day of his expedition, talks about his memories lived with Emma and the other children of the orphanage, Grace Field House through a letter addressed to them. The novel is written from Nanao. The second, focused on the mother Isabella and sister Krone, is available from the 4 January 2019.

The anime has hosted an animated series that aired in January 2019 with a first season of 12 episodes total. The second was previously announced and will arrive in 2020.

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