The Promised Neverland 1 – Review

Published on Feb 27, 2018

The Promised Neverland is a manga, shonen, published in Italy by the publishing house J-Pop, and previously published in the magazine manga Weekly Shonen Jump.

Ten years ago Death Note, he had captured the fervent interest of many readers of the manga, bringing to the fore the classic concept of “cat against mouse” masterfully mixed with atmospheres and visions of dark and the introduction of a new element, a “notebook killer” who has made you dream and inspire millions and millions of readers.

It was different from any other anthology of manga in japanese Weekly Shonen Jump had ever published before, a story with related questions on the morality (“is it right to kill criminals?”) and not only that.

And if The Promised Neverland (with whom we had already made “contact” with the preview, free J-Pop) was a new attempt to play a mind breaker by the same eye-catching power of Death Note? Let's find out together!

It is known that fascinate the adolescent audience, and especially the adult one, inspiring him to debates and passionate on the Internet is not at all easy.

The thing, however, it seems almost obvious when we speak of The Promised Neverland, which, since its release in the homeland of the manga, and the consequent landing on Italian soil, has raised a fuss growing curiosity.

The manga written by Kaiu Shirai and illustrated by the artist Posuka Demizu, which debuted last year, presents itself as a thriller, definitely dark, and infinitely heartbreaking, thanks to the masterful storytelling of Shirai and the art of bewitching of Demizu.

Starting from a brief synopsis, we will study the entire work (avoiding spoilers) and we will introduce the first elements of this shonen, from the tone of mystery and thriller, which in Japan has sold more than 2 million copies.

The Grace Field House, the life could not be better for the orphans! Although they don't have parents, along with the other children and a “mother” kind that takes care of them, they form one big happy family.

No child is ever neglected, especially because they are all adopted from the age of 12 years. Their daily lives involve rigorous testing, after which it is allowed to play in the open air.

Emma, Norman, and Ray, the protagonists of the story, live happily from birth in this good orphanage, surrounded by a dense forest. Their illusion of normalcy falls apart when they discover what really happens to those who leave the house to be “adopted”, and what's behind it is the wall that delimits the forest: the kids do not remains that wits to try to escape.

The first volume of The Promised Neverland produces a perfect intonation between story and plot.

Shirai is an absolutely excellent in the define the premise, the focus of the plot, the setup, the antagonists in establishing the stakes, and in making the reader understand how hard it will be for our heroes to reach their goal, all this in just 200 pages.

You will be involved in a battle of minds is absolutely taut, fast-paced, of the calibre of those of the already mentioned and famous Death Note. While the characters try to understand their situation, striving to ensure that the opponent does not discover what is going on behind her, the plot will keep you constantly alert.

The characters, in fact, are able to bring out new ideas, tricks, tactics and strategies that almost seem too exaggerated to be processed by the children, enabling us to infer immediately that these are not normal children, to which we are accustomed.

Emma, it is identified by the assay Shirai as an idealistic and active, which aims at disinterested aims; Ray, is a child cynical, born from loneliness, which wants to achieve their goals through pragmatic means (though not selfish); and finally, Norman, in a very balanced and intelligent, is the most insightful among the three.

The trio of children looks like a good cast, able to entertain and, above all, to a large extent the player.

Among the antagonists we find the figure of whom we would have less doubt: “mom”, aka Isabella, your the one who is responsible to the loving care of the gracious orphans.

Isabella is a woman is incredibly cunning and intelligent; by analyzing his way of doing it seems that in the past has found it to be in the same position in which children are now.

His behavior calculator is clearly evident and, although it's always calm, She approaches each situation with a touch maniacally careful thinking in advance about the moves in the future.

“It is as if you knew all what we're thinking.”

“Of course I know who he is. Because I am your mother. “

You never know how you will actually the things, you want to try to guess? Try this as well, but know that unpredictability will be the mistress depistando all your conjectures.

The motivation and/or the behavior of the various characters, is never unreasonable or wrong, this is because the history enters in the smallest details, such as the following long dialogue scenes that explain in a detailed, but not too much, the whole situation.

So if you are looking for action and excitement, this story from the connotations dispassionately mind-breakers, that moves so slow and tangled, is not for you.

If Shirai puts in place a script that explodes and meshing with the gear already from this first volume, the art of Demizu can hardly go unnoticed.

The faces and expressions of some are not misunderstandings, with the illustrator puts in place a good use of the layout, allowing some of the boards to achieve the right degree of movement.

The children, from’ look so sweet, with these proportions so soft, make The Promised Neverland, even more chilling, with a convincing level of tragedy that is reflected on the smiles contagious and the terrified faces of the protagonists.

In conclusion, The Promised Neverland, is surely one of the greatest successes arrived in Italy in recent times. A unique story that aims to impress by putting in place the dynamics to a high rate of tension and strategy as in Death Note.

A story that will certainly be appreciated by fans of the genre mind-breakers, but also by all those who love a level of suspense that tightens the stomach and carries compulsively to the discovery of history.

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