The process according to bet: who killed Angelica? The Process will be invalidated?


Published on Nov 30, 2019


It is the first legal drama that Mediaset is broadcasting, and we must admit that the plot of the tv series is very interesting and hopefully not let us down. What's going to happen in the second episode of The process aired on December 6, 2019 on Channel 5? Let's find out with the spoilers that reveal to us what will happen in the second stage of the process dedicated to the murder of Angelica. The shot of the scene arrived just at the end of the first episode aired yesterday, when Silvia, the best friend of the victim is declared guilty. But for Elena there is no doubt that the girl is lying. The well knows, has formed a bond with her and knows that could have been paid or threatened. Why accuse of such a crime and do not tell, instead, of having seen the lady Monk and Angelica together the night of the murder?

Let us not forget another detail. Elena at the time knows well that if it be discovered that Angelica was her daughter, the process may be invalidated seeing that she could not from the very beginning to accept this assignment. And since his rival is a tough nut to crack, we begin to believe that soon, he will discover the truth about the victim, understand that there is much more to this story...Elena is risking a lot. He sent in the air too, his marriage to this process...And may have made mistakes, how to feel social and not only, with her ex, the father of Angelica...

The sentimental situation of Elena (Vittoria Puccini) is more and more complicated, whereas the process proceeds with twists. After the unexpected confession of a heads, the PM locates two key witnesses to be able to endorse the culpability of Linda (Camilla Filippi), revealing the nature, obsessive and cruel. But Roger (Francesco Scianna) gets an information that could change the course of the process, shifting attention to a new suspect. What was supposed to be a job without too many twists, turns instead into something very complicated...

While Roger looks at the mysterious man that Silvia saw arguing with Angelica a few nights before the murder, Elena continues to search for Lorenzi, the factotum of Munich fled to Brazil. But when the PM discovers the existence of a proof that could nail Linda, Roger manages to flip the cards in the process, putting into question all the certainties of Elena.

It is still really sure that it was the Monk to kill her daughter? And if Roger knew that Elena was the mother of Angelica, what would happen?

Appointment next Friday with the second episode of The process.

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