"The priesthood to women." In the area of the Vatican the open-air exhibition of the photographer Giulia Bianchi for equality in the Church


Published on May 26, 2016


The inhabitants of the neighbourhoods that surround the Vatican will wake up Friday, may 27, with a hundred posters posted by the city bearing a message that will certainly not be acceptable to the Church: the demand of the priesthood for women.

To take the photos for the posters with the hashtag #OrdainWomen is a photographer, feminist, Giulia Bianchi, who is now four years is deepening its "Women Priests Project" about the women priest around the world. Are 150, the majority of theologians or ex-nuns, who became a priest through a celebration that the Church does not approve, and for this reason were excommunicated. So far White has met 70, documenting their life and their vocation of equality in the name of God.

"It is not a political campaign but a photo exhibition, open to the sky," explains White the HuffPost. The photographer has made a request to the Municipality of Rome for the posting of the regular posters and got the all-clear. "In the Capitol have made me the compliments. No photos are offensive, some are mysterious and carry messages that lead to the awareness", says the professional.

The posters will cover the walls of the Trastevere, Borgo Santo Spirito and Meadows, i.e. the areas of the Capital, next to the Vatican. Women with priestly vestments celebrating the mass, a photo of a little girl who dreams of becoming a priest, the legs of a Christ-woman: these are some of the ten images highly symbolic and in some way provocative that will be repeated along the streets of the historic centre, each with a message written as "Some women disobey" or quotations from St. Catherine of siena.

The open-air exhibition will remain on view until June 7, in conjunction with the initiative for a "Jubilee for Women Priests" held at the International House of Women by the american association "Women's Ordination Worldwide" in the last 40 years fighting to equalise the access to the priesthood.

The jubilee of the women priest is not a case takes place in the same days of the jubilee for priests that will be held in the Vatican: a response, even in the media to ask for greater attention to a Church that, in spite of the recent words of pope Francis on the possibility of opening to women diacone, conceives of women priest as a taboo absolute.

The organizers of the "Women's Ordination Conference" have appreciated the work of the photographer White so as to support the project with donations and by inviting the same White to join the programme of the "Jubilee for Women Priests".

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