The price of the iPhone 8 will start from 1000 us dollars, according to Goldman Sachs


Published on May 12, 2017


According to the investment bank Goldman Sachs, the selling price of the iPhone 8 will be the most expensive with prices that start from $ 1000.

The Goldman Sachs analyst Simon Jankowski, believes that the next generation iPhone will have a noticeable rise in prices of pricing, with a starting from 1000 dollars.

If we could paraphrase the title of a movie to fit on to the launch of the iPhone 8, we may choose the “Generation 1000 dollars“.

This is what it might cost, according to the forecast, the iPhone 8 to 128 GB sold for $ 999 usd. The version with 256 GB instead will go up to 1,099 dollars.

In comparison to the current models, with the iPhone 7 to 128 GB, which costs, in the United States, 749 dollars means that the cheaper version of the iPhone 8 will cost you 25 more.

If such an increase were confirmed, this would mean that we – with the same meter-comparison – iPhone 8 128 GB would cost about 1130 euros.

Speaking of figures, even hypothetical, without having the certainty of the changes introduced seems premature.

However, to hear the analyst, the future flagship device, Apple will have all the characteristics to justify such a economic expenditure, starting from the OLED display 5.8-inch and the 3D sensor for face recognition.

All features that will not be included in the iPhone 7s, and 7s Plus.

The analyst of Goldman Sachs, while maintaining the role of professional, does not break down for the sale price because the launch of the new device will result in a spike in the value of the shares of the company.

Apple, as we have seen, is the first company to have reached a value of 800 billion dollars, and is committed to reach the legendary milestone of one billion dollars.

A curiosity: the iPhone 8 is not the first product sold by Apple to a record price linked to a special edition.

The smartphone of September celebrates 10 years since Steve Jobs presented it.

In 1997 Apple launched the “Twentieth Anniversary Mac“, a special edition of a computer that celebrated, erroneously, the 20 years of the Mac but, instead, to make twenty years was Apple, founded in 1977.

The Mac was sold for 9000 dollars, making it one of the computer the most expensive ever sold by Apple.

If the new features of iPhone 8 correspond to your expectations, would you be willing to buy it at 1130 euro? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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