The Power Bank Choetech 10,000 mAh battery with wireless charging – REVIEW


Published on Sep 07, 2018


From Choetech comes an interesting solution for those who want to always bring back a wireless cradle, thanks to a power bank, a 10,000 mAh battery that offers different charging solutions.

The packaging of white color shows the main characteristics of the device. Inside we find, in addition to the power bank, the charging cable, USB-C and the manual.

As for all the power bank, also the model B628 of Cloetech is thought to always have a charge additional to our iphones, even when we are away from home and without any outlet nearby. The particularity of this accessory lies in the presence of the wireless technology. In practice, we can recharge our iPhone, not only by connecting the Lightning cable to the appropriate USB jack of the power bank, but also by placing it simply on its surface.

Translated into practical terms, this means we can take advantage of this power bank to charge the iPhone (from iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X and later), without having to carry around any cables. The whole, through technology Qi.

The B628 is black, with a glossy part on the top and the rest of the surface ABS matte and velvety that also offers a pleasant feeling to the touch. The pad wireless is located at the center on the front surface of the device, where we also have three suction cups that form a nice smiley face in the style of Cloetech.

These suckers don't move the iPhone when the device is charging. The resistance is very high, and we also tried putting the device upside down: the iPhone remains securely attached, at least during the first few days of use. We do not guarantee that the estate remains as such even after months. In any case, these suction cups ensure that the iPhone – not upside down – not moving during the charging.

The dimensions are not excessive, considering the type of product: 102 x 19.3 x 206mm, and 230 grams of weight. At the top we find a series of blue LEDS that show the status of charging the internal battery.

Among other things, it is also possible to charge up to two devices at the same time taking advantage of the wireless charging that via a cable. The wireless base works even if the iPhone is mounted on a case is not too thick.

The lithium polymer battery 10,000 mAh battery ensures about 4 full charges of an iPhone X, with a good speed USB output 2.4 A, while in wireless the power is 1A. The power bank can be recharged via cable to the USB Type-C, included in the package.

The device integrates a series of protections for high temperature, over-voltage, over-voltage and short-circuit-proof.

This is a power bank very convenient for those who want to recharge the iPhone in mobility and does not want to carry around the Lightning cable. The suction cups work well and ensure a good seal, the power of 10,000 mAh ensures about 4 refills and the dimensions are such as to facilitate transport, even in your pocket. Aesthetically very nice, both in materials and in design with rounded edges. Even after a few hours of charging, we did not notice any particular overheating. Sure, the reload is slower than other chargers, but the convenience of this accessory is really great.

The power bank wireless Cloetech is available on Amazon at a price of 26,99€.

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