The Pokemon Company: the Legendary soon in Pokemon GO


Published on Jan 20, 2018


Recently, The Pokemon Company has announced that this will be, for the franchise, the same year as the Legendary and, in this, is of course also Pokemon GO.

“The players of Pokemon Go can also expect to see special promotions related to the Pokemon Legendary in 2018, as part of this year's legendary. Other details will soon be communicated,” reads the press release of the Pokemon Company, in the part dedicated to the app and Niantic.

It is very likely, therefore, that the continuous recycling of the Pokemon Legendary third-generation (missing the scope Rayquaza, Latios, and Latias) until you get there, maybe towards the end of 2018, to toss a few of the fourth to introduce its the next addition to the new generation. In any case, logical assumptions aside, we have to wait for the additional details, which, as announced by the press release, surely they will come.

As far as the video games main instead, every month there will be special distributions:

(via WWG)

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