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Published on Apr 12, 2020


Margaux Motin is among the most famous blogueuses French comic, but his ability of narrative that transcends the short form of the stories from the blog, and in this volume she is adept with a true graphic novel. After a diploma in visual arts, Margaux Motin has obtained a BTS in visual Communication at the École nationale supérieure des arts appliqués et des métiers d'art.

His professional debut was as an illustrator for the magazine Muteen from 2002 to 2008. Subsequently, he signed his illustrations so much for the print, publishing, as well as for the advertising. In march 2008 he opened his own blog that he has made known to the general public. Plate tectonics is his last volume, published for the publisher Delcourt.

This book, which, forming a circle situations of her daily life, recounts his day is divided between motherhood, work from freelancer, attempts to preserve a semblance of social life and survival at the end of a long relationship.

Motin presents to us the life of a single woman and all the complications that arise from it: the relationship with the daughter who, perhaps because of the lack of a second authority, becomes certainly more intense, but also different, being called to a dimension of friendship; the relationship with his mother, now embedded in a relationship between women, that touches three generations; the attempts to create a new report, with all the pros and cons of this feeling that make us understand how to build a relationship is far from simple, especially in our own days; and finally the relationships with the friends, perhaps the best demonstration of how to change your life in the moment in which it becomes single and you have a greater chance of interaction with those near you.

In short, an analysis of a woman who seems to accept the responsibility, but with the benefit of inventory of a teenager who strongly states the autonomy to live as he would like.

An analysis of traits interesting, but to tell the truth doesn't present us with anything new that has not already already been said in dozens of works, from literature to (almost) any blog; it is also true that in the original, in France, the work was several years ago, back in 2013, and certainly in that period it was really a lot more sense to investigate the contents to find out a social message; now, unfortunately, the message is to tell the truth already in the past in all the media; and this volume is limited to repeat it.

What about, instead, the author breaks patterns is in the organization of the volume, in which there are no vignettes and the sense of the reading is given by mere logic; a narrative that proves to be very intuitive, though, and that allows for better introspection of the feelings of Motin, which seems to have translated the structure of the blog in this volume.

The best feature of her once she has in portraying the characters of his life, that does not really look out of place in a fashion magazine for the elegance transmitted on paper. A real touch of class that is probably the best feature of this volume.

The plate Tectonics of Margaux Motin | Review of




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