The Planet of the Apes: Disney wants to continue with the movie prequel


Published on Aug 08, 2019


When it was learned that The Walt Disney Company had a plan to buy 20th Century Fox from News Corp., many fans have speculated on the future of the franchise, Avatar, Alien, Predator, and X-Men. But there is also another important franchise now in the hands of Disney.

Today, at a meeting of shareholders, Bob Iger, ceo of the group, has stated that Disney plans to continue the current series, prequel to " Planet of the Apes in the near future.

The last film in the series, The War – The planet of the apes, has consecrated the director Matt Reeves, making him one of the most respected talents working today in films related to the franchise; and now has the task to lead Batman in his next adventure on the big screen with The Batman.

The head of Disney has confirmed what was already said at the beginning of this year by the manager of Fox's Emma Watts on plans to produce films related to the large franchises including Planet of the Apes.

The operation maybe you put in the one that will bring film, famous as a Mom, I missed the plane to be adapted for Disney+. Disney has given no timing for any of these projects, but surely soon we will know something more.

The Planet of the Apes: Disney wants to continue with the movie prequel is




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