The piddina comments on the post of Salvini but makes a mistake is embarrassing: the post becomes viral

Published on Sep 13, 2018

Matteo Salvini has shared a link and immediately became viral: a piddina has commented on a post of his own in a very unfair from various points of view

A comment that could become viral that against Matteo Salvini. The piddina Valentina Pavan has made a fool grandiose commenting on the post where the Minister shows the contents of the letter from the interior ministry.

The piddina Valentina Pavan commented on the post in which Matteo Salvini shows the contents of the letter with a comment that elicited lips and also hilarity. The Minister could not help marking the obvious fall style.

Not only the Pavan was allowed to say that the deputy prime league it would be the electric chair, but he has also written incorrectly from the point of view of grammar.

The Minister has underlined the grammatical error of the Pavan, among other things, is a councillor of education (left) in the municipality of San Stino di Livenza, as underlined in the Minister of the Interior. In short, an own goal for the Left, a further own goal.

Surely, this is not the first comment of this type. But it is certainly the most striking. Here's how he called deputy prime league:

As will justify to the left of this comment? Surely there will be a reason that Pavan wrote that comment, amoral and ungrammatical. A bad tile for the piddina, a negative publicity that would have been avoided.

Pavan will give explanations? In some cases, perhaps, it is advisable to the silence. After a look similar it would be better to avoid adding any thing.

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