The patent awarded to Apple shows a new biometric reader for the Apple Watch


Published on Sep 04, 2019


The patent awarded to Apple shows a new biometric reader for the Apple Watch

The patent Office and trademark United States has granted Apple several patents for straps clever for the Apple Watch, with features such as biometric authentication, self-adjusting, and an indicator of progress LED, as noted by Patently Apple.

The first patent describes a strap for the Apple Watch with a sensor that can authenticate the wearer based on patterns in the texture of the skin of the wrist:

More in particular, the cracks on the skin are generally the hottest of the surrounding skin and hair are the most fresh of the skin. Using a sensor of the thermal image IR as the biometric sensor of the wrist, the hair can be distinct, thermally, from the cracks of the structure of the skin, depending on the temperature.

This feature would eliminate the need to enter a passcode on the Apple Watch or an iPhone associated with it to unlock the clock.

Apple Watch with biometric sensor

The second patent describes a strap, the Apple Watch is self-regulating. If the user is training or running, for example, the range could squeeze automatically to ensure a perfect grip to your wrist during your workout. At the completion of the physical activity, the band allenterebbe automatically.

Users of the Apple Watch would be able to set the places where the band tightens automatically, like a gym.

In other examples, the bands may cling automatically to alert a user of an upcoming turn while walking, driving, or swimming; to help him to count the repetitions while lifting weights; or to alert the wearer to have reached certain intervals of distance during the race, for example every kilometer.

The band with the self-regulation could also be part of a system of two-factor authentication on the Apple Watch, as described in the patent:

For example, if a user wants access to the financial details that are hosted on a Web site-banking, the site may require both the user's credentials, both a verification of a series of models of easing sent to an electronic device wearable previously authenticated by the Web site of the bank.

In one example, a tactile model may be a series of five compressions of the wrist of the user (for example, tighten and loosen in the sequence). Subsequently, the user can enter “5” to access the Web site of the bank.

Strap the Apple Watch to self-regulating

The third patent describes a strap for the Apple Watch with a LED indicator that would display the progress of an activity or task, such as the completion of the rings Movement, Exercise, standing. The indicator may also serve as an easy way to check the remaining life of the battery of an Apple Watch.

Straps for the Apple Watch with various LED indicators

Apple will host a special event at the Steve Jobs Theater next Tuesday, where is the wing company will unveil new models of the iPhone and Apple Watch. Even if the patents are very detailed and contain many ideas as possible, Apple may have no plan to launch these features.






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