The partnership between Apple and IBM reach the finish line of the 100 app


Published on Dec 16, 2015


IBM and Apple have announced that they have reached the finish line of the 100 app fruit their partnership enterprise founded by a few months.


Of the 100 applications, covering over 60 professional figures in 14 different sectors and have been developed for the iPhone, iPad, iPar Pro, Apple Watch and, more recently, also for Apple TV. These apps have been produced and used by government agencies and by companies working in sectors such as health, telecommunications, transport and insurance. Each app is unique in that it serves to solve a problem or to improve the productivity of a company in a given sector. These apps also are used by the employees and serve to create an even stronger link with the company and with customers/users.

Apps are born from the partnership between Apple and IBM, the latter of which guide the development process and provides tips on how to create the most appropriate solutions to companies that need it. Who has used this initiative to create apps suitable to your business is very satisfied with the results, since on the one hand there is Apple and its concept of simplicity, while on the other hand there is IBM, who is well acquainted with the enterprise sector.

By focusing on the opportunities and on key priorities in the various sectors, the app IBM MobileFirst for iOS lead the enterprise mobility a level deeper, helping employees access the full potential of the company, regardless of where you play the interactions with the customers, and to do so in a fast, easy and secure.

Developed exclusively for the iPhone and iPad, the app IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps are distributed in a secure environment, integrate analytical capabilities and are closely related to key business processes. The app can be customized for any organisation and deployed, managed and updated easily via cloud services, IBM dedicated specifically to iOS devices, with security across data, app and device

To complement the app IBM MobileFirst for iOS, the collaboration between Apple and IBM offers business customers additional levels of capability integrated for enterprise mobility, including:

Mobile platform and enterprise integration — leverages expertise in consulting services globally to IBM, the design of the client experience and the integration of enterprise systems, from analytics, workflow and cloud storage, management, security and integration on a large scale of devices. This mobile management improved includes a catalogue private of the app, the services for the security of your data and transactions, and a productivity suite for all IBM MobileFirst for iOS, In addition to the software solutions internal, all of these services will be available on Bluemix, the development platform IBM on the IBM Cloud Marketplace. Supply, activation and management — simplified Management, end-to-end procurement, deployment and life-cycle, depending on the size of the organisation; cloud solutions for enterprise security, device management, and the integration of data and processes. The options and services of leasing of IBM Global Financing also enable companies to keep pace with the newer devices. AppleCare for Enterprise — To provide IT departments and end users 24/7 support on their own devices, managed by the excellent team of customer support Apple, with an on-site service provided by IBM.

In addition, these apps help companies create apps that work better than those first used on the PC, thanks to the flexibility and portability of the iPhone and iPad.



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