The outputs Edizioni BD and J-POP Manga of September 2019


Published on Sep 02, 2019


Below is the official press release that illustrates the news in September of Edizioni BD and J-POP:

Back to School: the outputs Edizioni BD and J-Pop Manga of September!!!

September brings with it the end of the summer but also many new home Edizioni BD and J-POP Manga! Among these, the highly anticipated Omnibus of The divine comedy by Go Nagai, The choice of Pandora Yudori, the biography comic of the God of manga, Osamu Tezuka, and much more!

4 September

Comes the long-awaited reinterpretation of the poem's allegorical – didactic history's most important work, The Divine Comedy Omnibus of Go Nagai! And with the label Edizioni BD, Operates: from the writer Kyo Maclear, a graphic novel that between comics and music, tells of the challenges of boys of secondary schools.

Continue World's end, harem 2, Pokémon, the great adventure 13, Dead Tube 12, Horimiya 9, Hyouka 12 and Danmachi Sword of public Speaking 8.

11 September

For Edizioni BD comes out Rust Francesco Vicentini Orgnani and Fabiana Mascolo. Arrive also at the comic store and eagerly anticipated The Promised Neverland 11, Tableau Gate 22 and conclude with the release of volume 10, The Poem of Wind and Trees-Keiko Takemiya, and, with the number 4, I am Sherlock.

18 September

Blasphemous possessions and ghost story stained of revenge: Labyrinth and other stories by junji Ito Collection arrives September 18. Will The club of the explosions of Aoisei and Anajiro with the box of three volumes (also available on the first single volume), a new miniseries, 4 volumes in box from collection The girl burned (also the first single volume)!

25 September

The end of September will be as thrilling: arrive at the comic store and The choice of Pandora 1 Yudori, Osamu Tezuka – a life comic 1 and Radiation house 1, a new medical drama that will captivate you!

With the label Edizioni BD, you will read The path of the bones, the graphic novel from the talented young Ettore Mazza, who will take you back in time and waiting for the next season of BoJack Horseman, you can count the days with the calendar dedicated to the series!

But will not be less continuity: the Girl from the other side (5), The Convent of the Damned 4-The Price of a Life 3 and Golden Kamui 17.

Point out among the reprints the most recent already-available: 10, count 3, Ano hana box, Danmachi 5, Medaka box 7 and 8, Re:zero-novel 1, Sao aincrad box, Sao fairy dance box, Servamp 5, Tokyo ghoul 10, Tokyo ghoul:re 12, Devilman Omnibus, I Am A Hero 12, I Am A Hero 22, Overlord 09 and Rising Of The Shield Hero.

*The anticipated outputs may undergo some variation.

The outputs Edizioni BD and J-POP Manga of September 2019 is




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