The Outer Worlds: the trailer and the date of the new RPG | E3 2019


Published on Jun 10, 2019


Today, the press conference of Microsoft at E3 started with a bang, thanks to the trailer of The Outer Worlds of the developer Obsidian (now Microsoft), and published by the Private Division, the role-playing game of science fiction in development for PS4, Xbox One and PC. We knew that The Outer Worlds would be released this year, but now we have a precise date: the new game of the creators of Fallout: New Vegas will arrive on PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 25, 2019. At the moment there has been no confirmation of a release for the Nintendo Switch, which seems unlikely at this point.

The game will be launched only on the Epic Games Store in its version for PC, and will not come on Steam, if not after a year, thanks to an agreement of Private-Division – of the property of Rockstar Games Take-Two Interactive – with Epic Games.

Here is the synopsis:

“Dispersed on a colony ship direct to the end of the galaxy, you wake up after decades only to find yourself in the middle of a conspiracy that threatens to destroy the colony of Halcyon. When will the borders to more distant space and will encounter various factions, all in the running for the power, the character that you choose to become will determine how does this story driven by the players: in the equation, you are the variable that is not planned”.

The game will be included in the Game Pass.


The Outer Worlds: the trailer and the date of the new RPG | E3 2019 is




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