The Orville: the latest from the second season


Published on Jan 09, 2019


Fox has released a featurette for the second season of The Orville, with creator Seth MacFarlane, who introduces to fans the salient aspects of these new episodes.

“The funny thing is that the tone of the series changes, depending on the adventures that open space provides” spieca the cleveland show “For a few episodes, we find ourselves in front of a love story, in others it is a story of adventure, depending on the plots that they develop. In this new season the series will evolve, we will see some episodes very, very futuristic”.

This synopsis is distributed by FOX:

“In the second season, the relationship between AND (MacFarlane), and KELLY (Adrianne Palicki) will take a new turn, as the crew of the ship meet aliens never seen before, will face old adversaries, and will establish further contact with a new civilization and return the planet Moclus. ”

The cast of the first season are added Jessica Szohr as a regular member of the series, and Chris Johnson as a guest star.

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The Orville: the latest from the second season of




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