The one who conquered and destroyed the World


Published on Apr 17, 2020


If football is a representation of life, it is inevitable that its history is a representation of the one of the man.
The Super Bowl 54 has opened a gash in this comparison, convincing us that where in the classical period the order replaced and destroyed the chaos, in football it could have happened exactly the opposite.

In the fourth century before Christ, the Macedonian king Alexander to the east. After conquering Egypt and founding Alexandria in his own honor, and the thirst for victory leads him into Asia: it is said that his true mission was to dominate the entire World until then known – even if some handed down that he was ingaggiarto from the gods the pagans to destroy it. As far as his army represents the best of what is never seen, it is defeated in the Punjab, decimated by the same bloodshed to repeat ordered from the same Alexander in today's India.
From 1000 years before, that is, when Ramses II put an end to the history of the Hittites coming possessed by the god Ra to the Qadesh, the chaos suggested by their conduct in war. In one of the most great dichotomies in the history of man, while Alexander died, poisoned, sick, or simply murdered, and his 100 small empires sfaldavano in real time between the hands of his general, was born at Alexandria and Euclid.

With its theorems, which we now seem trivial, Euclid ridiculed the chaos, coining the modern mathematics and introducing the order. Believe that between two points there can pass only one line was much more understandable than believing that fate, the gods, the missions assigned to you by who knows who regolassero our lives.
With Euclid's conquests became sustainable, planned, inevitable. 100 years later, and for the next 1600, Rome will dominate a big World as much as that which Alexander had lost shortly after his death.

In journalism, a comparison of the applicant with Euclid is reserved for those that revolutionize. In sports, this means a Player, or for someone Herrera or Sacks in football, Gretzky in hockey, Tiger in golf, and if you understood the game you can adapt it to your favorite sport. Alessandro, instead, are the big players who have a powerful strength, but often end up to turn itself off shortly after having ringed many laurels. They are called “Emperor”, “King”, “Conqueror” but the reality is that then the tracks on the the field leaving few for posterity.
Appeared to me Peyton Manning “The Euclid of the football” because of his deep knowledge of the game made him able to launch most of all and with better results than the other quarterback. A statement like someone is going to rewrite it for the retreats is now the next Tom Brady and Drew Brees. Colin Kapernick, Cam Newton, Lamar Jackson you are deluded to be able to use the chaos to dominate. On the cusp of this new group, graduating World champion at the age of 24, Patrick Mahomes could, however, have given way to the era of chaos in the NFL.

Super Bowl 41: the Indianapolis Colts of the Peyton Manning beat the Chicago Bears, the best defense in the NFL. In the frame above Peyton faces a 2nd & 4 at the beginning of the game. The two safety of the Bears are so far away, but the deep traces of the two receivers of the Colts, should the game force a confrontation with the situation of 2 against 1) as described in the image. Ball to Joseph Addai, the runningback, who gets two yards before being landed by the legendary Brian Urlacher, linebacker for Chicago.
Spend a few second...

Chicago on the 3rd & 2 sends a safety in the box for their support on the races, Peyton sends Dallas Clark, the tight end, in-depth, and to get behind the safety (in red), and calls an internal trace to Marvin Harrison (rosa), which will receive for the first down easy, which gives the game of Indianapolis.
If you put Manning in front of this video is bored, says “It is always like this..” or “I saw the safety coming and I called the track to Marvin...”
In short, everything was easy. But before him rarely this happened, and certainly not with this simplicity.

Statistically, Peyton Manning changes the course of NFL football, but collects much less than what is sown. Often defeated by Tom Brady and the Patriots, the Jets, the Chargers in the Playoffs. His victory in the jersey Colts arrives in the year in which it is clear a divine intervention in the Championship against the Pats. Will have to give way in his second Super Bowl played, the 44th against the Saints, Drew Bress.

The product of Purdue is a different innovator: prophet of the Spread Offense since the days of the college, located in New Orleans, the union ideal with Sean Payton, his head coach. The Spread is based on the use of 5 receivers to divide the field longitudinally into 5 parts, each of which go to establish the matchup that Brees reads much faster than anyone, and complete frequently.

Super Bowl 44, 17 to 16 for the Colts and voltage to the stars in the fourth quarter. On a 2nd & 5 Brees is one of his receivers for the closure of the down. The defense stood up for most of the area (in pink), with the linebacker outside man on an opponent (in yellow). The traces of the receivers (in red) intersect to confuse the man marking and were all on the line for the first down. When the numbers 23 and 33 of the Colts you exchange on the receiver to their side, Brees sees this and throws the ball in from that side, taking advantage of the fact that his partner is not yet marked. First down.

In the image above appreciated as the read speed (from his right hand to his left as Brees right-handed) to allow the quarterback of New Orleans to reach the last receiver with the clarity to see the distance between defender and attacker. You also see the areas that the Spread describes longitudinally to the field (in red).

Brees beat the record of Manning but still collects less than the number 18. His attack does not break almost never matches it in half, and the Saints are always beat. Moreover, its tactic has become by the time predictable and it is too sensitive, in the key moments of the games, the blitz and the play of the defensive back. At the time of writing, the 44 is not the only Super Bowl in the bulletin board but also the only one that has participated. Here, the gods are all of them with the other: the Minnessota Miracle of Stephon Diggs and a glaring oversight of arbitration in favor of the Rams regulate on the way to sunset and the ambitions of the Boilermaker.

The order triumphs instead of featuring Tom Brady: when Bill Belichick arrived in New England recalls from oblivion the philosophy offensive Earhardt-Perkins, used in the north-east, about twenty years before. Thanks to a pattern of communication simple, but in which each one must make with the head before the body, frees the QB from the embarrassment of having to play immediately the alignments on the defensive.

Super Bowl 51. Three minutes from the end, under 8's, the Patriots of Brady faced a 3&10, needless to say, of the utmost importance. The linebacker of the Atlanta Falcons in the yellow square which serves as an indicator for Brady: if it is in Zone Blitz Tom will Julian Edelman (in green), if it will blitz the pass will be for the fast receiver. To the right of his line, however, the other two receivers running a combination of standard tracks time to bring more of the deep can play cornerback (in blue) and take advantage of the deep area of the Falcons (Chris Hogan, red line).

The linebacker goes in the drop, Edelman is then blocked, but Brady, that above is looking towards its first reading, Edelman, goes to Chris Hogan, who he defeated in the area by following the red trace of the first snapshot.

We add to this awareness of architecture and the alternation of the long calls/short anthology, the ability of Brady to stay in the pocket and then extend the tracks of his and the research and signature of receivers smarter than the average, and you get 6 Super Bowl wins and three other in which you participated.
The only way to stop these Patriots has always been put their hands on Brady. Against the zone is too easy for the Earhardt-Perkins find the free man, and against man, there are always the pick and the mismatch to resolve the situation. Anyone in the attacks of Josh McDaniels or Bill O'brien (the two historical Offensive Coordinator of the dynasty) can become a hero, and be, himself, a knight of the order.

On 11 November 2012 Colin Kapernick replaces Alex Smith as director of the attack of the San Francisco 49ers. On the 12th of January 2013 runs for 181 yards against the Green Bay Packers, carrying the same Niners to the Championship of the NFC, then won. The defeat in Super Bowl 47 at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens comes only to a Defensive Pass Interference non-call from triumph is the opposite.

Super Bowl 47




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