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Published on Jun 07, 2019


All of us, the fans of One Piece know who he was Gol D. Roger and that he has hidden his greatest treasure somewhere, which a moment before being executed, he invited (or, rather, it would be better to say “challenged”) anyone who had had the boldness to take possession of her One Piece. Well, even in this case (another example is the bizarre cut of Blackbeard, as you can read in my article) the Master Eiichirō Oda was inspired by two characters and from real facts.

Olivier Levasseur was a pirate French-born between 1688 and 1690, and died July 7, 1730, which was called La Buse (“The buzzard) or la Bouche (“mouth”) because of the great brutality and the speed with which it is said to be usually attack their enemies, and his biography has many features in common with that of Gol D. Roger.

According to when, says the legend, when he was condemned to death Levasseur declared publicly, on the scaffold, to have hidden a huge treasure somewhere, leaving the onlookers a cryptogram contained in the necklace he wore on his neck, in which were contained the instructions to find it: “Find my treasure, for you can understand it!”, he screamed before dying. From that moment on, many people took the sea to his research.

The treasure of Levasseur is probably one of the largest ever gained by a single pirate, well, then, one of the most valuable in the history of the piracy world: do you think that its value is estimated to be more than one billion pounds! But where is it located? And what is the meaning of its mysterious message encrypted? Below you can find an image of the cryptogram of 17 lines which, according to legend, was left by La Buse at the point of death:

Have been made numerous attempts to decode the cryptogram, but, to date, no one has yet managed to fully understand the meaning, but also because the handwriting of some of the symbols is ambiguous, as you can see in this very interesting article and in the image below:

Having not even been completed to understand the significance of this still mysterious message, the treasure of Levasseur has never been found.

Therefore, many aspects of the biography of the pirate really existed Olivier Levasseur have provided to Eiichirō Oda the right inspiration to create a character surrounded by an aura of legend as Gol D. Roger. Here is a brief list:

But there is also another pirate whose biography has some interesting traits in common with that of Gol D. Roger: this is Henry Every, known with the epithet of... the King of the Pirates.

Henry Every was a pirate born in Plymouth, England, on the 23rd of August, 1659, and he died in September 1717, to Bideford, a small town in the county of Devon, the same one in which he was born.

In 1695, Every, he was the head of what has been defined as the incursion of the pirates, the most profitable of the history, thanks to which the English pirate managed to get your hands on the enormous treasure of the value of 600,000 pounds sterling, us $ 400 million in foreign currency today. Well, thanks to this sensational robbery Every became a pirate in the most rich of the world, enterprise, this, which earned him the conquest of the epithet “King of the Pirates”.

Also, despite being the target of a man hunt at world level, and had on his head the highest cut in the history of piracy, the 1,000 pounds of time, corresponding to over 700,000 in current dollars, Every vanished along with his treasure in the Caribbean, which at that time were called the New World.

It is said that its businesses outside the town have inspired other pirates of the generation subsequent, which at that time were still children, but who later became famous themselves and,not surprisingly, it is always the matter of the names used by Oda, re-modulated, for several of his characters:

Also in this case, there are several points in common between henry Every and Gol D. Roger:

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