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Published on Aug 24, 2017

If you are looking for the deals 3 (H3G), then you've come to the right place. The international operator, arrived in Italy in the early years of 2000, and worked his way up to today, becoming the fourth operator by number of customers. The 3 deals are one of the most affordable in price level, even if the coverage is not the best.

While in urban centres, the service is great, in the rural areas are often forced to resort to roaming. The situation should however improve during the course of this year through a merger between the Three-and-a Wind that should unite the infrastructure and then increase the coverage.

If you wish to have more information on the coverage you can go to the pages of the official Three-Italy specifically dedicated.

Remember that, following the merger between Wind and Tre Italy is starting the switch of the roaming. If until now you were forced to use Tim in the absence of signal Three, you can now benefit from roaming on the network of Wind. It is not clear how it will work and internet browsing, but seeing that now the two companies have merged and it is likely that it will soon be possible to surf the both networks without additional costs.

In this article, which is updated monthly, you will find all the offers for 3 Italia.

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A bid of three of italy really is incredible: 20 GIGA and 1,000 minutes per month at only 1.75€ per week. It is possible to activate the PLAY GT7 online only and the offer is only valid for those who activate a new SIM card 3, or do the porting of your number to a new SIM 3 Italy.

The SIM can be:

The offer provides of a threshold, weekly distributed as follows:

The cost of the SMS is of 0.29€ and it is expected an initial contribution to enable the provision of 9€. The 4G LTE connection will be free up until 31/12/2017, then you will have to pay 1€ more per month for it.

You can activate PLAY GT7 from this page.

In this section you will find the best offers for 3 entries for the current month. It is usually offered at the time, that are activated only in certain periods and introduce the benefits at discounted prices. Unlike the other categories that are accessible only to certain types of customers, for example, those who make the exchange operator.

Giga Days is part of the 3 deals that are available for subscription customers. Can be activated once and gives you 10 GB of extra traffic under network 3 to be used within 60 days. Also, Giga Days will be activated free of charge to all users that subscribe to a subscription with the smartphone included for up to 27 march. If you need more information you can visit the following link.

Staying on the subject of internet browsing, 3 Italia offers a new offer exclusively for users of tariff plan Super Web New. This fare allows you to have 10 GB extra, in addition to those already included, for just 5 € per month. Please note that Super Ten Limited Edition includes an activation fee of €9.

This month 3 has decided to renew the range of models All-In, introducing you to the rates, First Edition. These can be divided into Start, First, and Master, and start from 10 € until you get to 21 €. But let's see them in better detail.

Please note that the offerings of this series have an activation fee of 9 € for new customers. You can activate or request more information at all of the 3 Store on the national territory.

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If you want to know all the tariff plans of 3 uk you can easily access them on the official page of the operator.


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These are the ones that we believe are the best 3 deals for the current month. The vary of the 3 deals we will keep you informed by updating the article. If you have any doubts, questions or suggestions, don't forget to use the comment box at the bottom. Also, if you want to take a look at the competing offers of other operators do not hesitate to look at the articles placed below

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