The numbers from the world: the COVID19 ago 1169 victims in a day in the Usa, in Spain the situation is dramatic


Published on Apr 03, 2020


It is a pandemic, we have now said a month ago, and the world is perhaps for the first time, really, to deal with an enemy that takes unprepared. Not only Italy, not only Lombardy, not only China. The spread of the virus is unstoppable, the evidenced by the numbers who come from all over the world.While in Italy, we are in what experts call a situation of flattening, and that if we will be careful, will lead to the decrease of the cases, in the rest of the world the disaster has just begun. As in Spain, that “travels” with at least a two-week delay compared to Italy, but already has almost the same numbers, and is living a dramatic situation. The iberian Country is preparing to pass, unfortunately, our in the number of people infected. Not only that, the number of victims grows by the day, while the beds in the icu and the doctors can not hide what is going on: those who have less expectations of life, is not intubated.

But are the United States to worry even more. The Usa have recorded the record number of victims in 24 hours: are of 1,169 americans who have lost their lives to the coronavirus. And the pandemic continues to spread there, as in the rest of the world.

The number of cases of coronavirus in the world has exceeded the threshold of one million: this is what emerges from the latest data of the John Hopkins University. The cases of infection are now 1.016.128, the dead 53.146 and people healed 211.615.

In an America that is crying for one day only, almost 1200 people who have died, are also coming in aid from Russia. Trump says: “It was a gesture very cute by president Putin, and I could say, ‘no thanks’ or I could say ‘thank you’. Were medical supplies of the highest quality. And I said, ‘I will take them,” said the president of the United States.

The numbers from the United States ( updated April 2, 2020)

In the last 24 hours deaths Covid-19 were 1.169 bringing the total of victims in the Usa to about 6,000, 1,500 of which in the area of New York. According to data released by the John Hopkins University, the total number of people infected has reached $ 244.000.

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