The Nostalgia of the iPod? Here is a concept cute that using an Apple Watch as the engine


Published on Nov 19, 2018


The era of the iPod is now finished, but do you remember how we liked to use them? Some nostalgia have created a concept really very nice to use as the “engine” of the body of the Apple Watch.

Basically the concept is a sort of enclosure in the shape of the iPod, in which to stay the actual device. The commands through the rotating bezel are “fake” and only have an aesthetic function.

This, of course, the “useless” case does not exist, it is only a drawing, however, reflecting on this concept, the ability to divide your phone number in the other devices, you may revive the iPod in the future.

Forget for a moment that you live in Italy where the SIM is virtual function only with Vodafone, and only with the Apple Watch, in the US, some operators offer the ability to clone your phone number on up to 5 devices. If the future is this, then, sooner or later Apple may churn out a new iPod Nano or Shuffle with the SIM virtual in ways that allow us to use the mobile data to listen to music on-the-go from Apple's Music and other streaming services.

Compared to the concept seen in these photos, instead of using the corona digital, Apple could reuse the iconic rotating bezel as additional control to the touchscreen. What do you think?

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