The next case of the AirPods will recharge the iPhone?


Published on Jun 26, 2018


As reported by Nikkei, the next case of charging of the AirPods will allow you to recharge wirelessly the iPhone. On this rumor, however, there are several doubts.

The source says this new case for the AirPods can be used in the same way AirPower: a proper pad on which to rest the iPhone to start charging:

IPhone users will be able to recharge wirelessly their device simply by resting it on the new housing of the AirPods, which will be equipped with just most powerful battery and wireless module.

On this rumor, however, there are many doubts. Apple has been working for months to pad AirPower that has yet to be released, and it is difficult to imagine the imminent release of a case AirPods with the same function. So much more that still expect the housing AirPods able to recharge wirelessly just taking advantage of the long-awaited AirPower.

In addition, the current built-in battery in the case is of 398 mAh, while the iPhone X mounts a battery 2716 mAh. In short, it is unlikely that Apple is able to insert a battery, significantly more powerful, for a product this small.

In short, let's not rely too much...

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