The New York Public Library launches “Insta Novels”: entire novels in Stories, Highlights [Video]


Published on Aug 22, 2018


The New York Public Library The New York Public Library) has today launched an interesting initiative called “Insta Novels”, which will publish novels and short stories, as stories on Instagram. You do not need a special subscription or something similar, the novelty is in fact available to all those who have an account on the social network.

For a start, the library offers “The adventures of Alice in Wonderland“, while among those that will be available in the future, we can find “The yellow wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka. The initiative aims to promote reading, but also to know the brand of the NYPL and its ability to marry the digital age.

"We want people to understand that libraries are not only places of bricks and mortar with books full of dust," said Christopher Platt of NYPL.

In particular, so that they can be accessible to all, and in time, the novels will be available as Stories featured on the page Instagram of the NYPL. The novels are divided in multiple parts (for reasons of space and ease of reading), and the first of “The adventures of Alice in Wonderland” is already available.

In order to adapt the screen to the commands of Instagram, the library has created a particular version of the pages, leaving a blank space in the bottom right corner to stop the automatic scrolling of the pages with the finger, without, however, cover a portion of the text.

The novels are in English, so not all will enjoy this interesting initiative. It is, however, a novelty worthy of note, that others might take as an example.

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