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Published on Feb 08, 2018


The new Fighting Fantasy series Salani establishes in Italy the return of the first and longest-running series of librogame. Secrets, rumors, advances!

After a leak and a special Librogame's Land Magazine dedicated to the topic, let's see everything there is to know about the new libroludica of the year: the Fighting Fantasy Salani.

The Fighting Fantasy series was born in the early 80's, from an idea of Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, and collects the first “librogame” properly so called, that is, the first books that combine the mechanism of the choices made at the crossroads with the rules of the game are similar to those of role-playing games (but simplified). Included the use of two six-sided dice, pencil, and eraser, and a character sheet that allow you to manage a few features and some equipment, but nothing more.

The Warlock of the Firetop Mountain, the first "real" gamebook of the history, it was developed in 1980 and published in 1982 by Penguin Books. The title arrived in Italy in 1984 thanks to the publishing house, Supernova, and was the first of a long series of similar products, usually independent, but sometimes connected in the miniseries, published in the series Fighting Fantasy. The Supernova is not carried on with the publications, which passed instead to the more notorious EL, which, however, never published The Warlock of Firetop Mountain.

Fighting Fantasy The Warlock of the Firetop Mountain were a real new breath in the panorama playful western. The series is enriched immediately numerous titles and gave birth to several parallel series, a spin-off, the translations and editions various, reprints, necklaces, collections, and collezionismi. Happened again one that was found a few years before with Dungeons&Dragons and Role-playing Game: a new play sector was born, soon able to reach a dignity all his own, and to create a phenomenon that if not it was certainly mass, has affected a niche full-bodied, writers, developers, designers, publishers and above all readers/players.

Arrived in 1995 to about 60 volumes, the series had a period of slowdown that maketh the limit of the phenomenon in its maximum expression. With the Fighting Fantasy, whose individual outputs were translated into fifteen languages, and exported to dozens of countries, has therefore in fact, the beginning and the end of history in the production of this editorial in its most accomplished.

Numerous reprints of the series, divided so far on the four different editions (pelican books 1982, Wizard 2002 and 2009, Scholastic 2017) for which The sorcerer of the mountain, the burning is always the first number in the series.

The present English edition is, therefore, that Scholastic, which began in August 2017 with the first three titles, which is still ongoing. And this is the version that is now the publisher of Harry Potter is going to bring in Italy. With the announcement of Librogame''s Land, a partner of the initiative, the Fighting Fantasy Salani are officially a reality!

We come to us...

The new Fighting Fantasy Salani will be published starting in May 2018, Salani Editore with the brand Magazzini Salani (the department experiments side of the famous publishing house for boys), and distributed in all the Italian bookshops, as well as on online stores. On Amazon.en the first four volumes are for example already available for pre-order at a minimum guaranteed price.

The issue is exactly that Scholastic English, on the covers, in the illustrations of internal and in the format you speak of brossurati of 14.2 x 20.5 cm x 1.5 cm each, with illustrations, interior, white and black, good price, specially compared to the classic ones, style and certainly not deluxe, but rather to “bargain” as the original series Puffin and Wizard 2002. The illustrations inside are of Vlado Krizan, the covers of Robert M. Ball and the maps of Leo Hartas.

Know, also, that the Scholastic and the Salani have them indexed as a “Children's Books”, or for an age group 9-12 years, and get two accounts of how we are old.

The Italian translations are handled by the various authors. Some of them Ephrem the Horizon, avid historian, collector and expert of the series, which you can find on Librogame''s Land as the EGO (for example, The sorcerer of the mountain burning and the Fortress of The Evil); the other will – and changing it – the version of the EL (for example, the version of Saul White of The Cursed Forest), and still others will be entrusted to some “celebrities” of the world, a nerd (such as The Port of Death, translated by Alessandro Apreda, the Dr. Manhattan of the eponymous blog).

In any case, all the volumes shall pass a special revision to conform any sort of technical detail, the name, the end of the game and another element common to all the books of the series, a level of attention rarely equalled in Italy so far. These review are done by the other two experts of the necklace, or Mauro Longo (the writer) and Francis Lazarus “the Godfather of Librogame,” which is the founder of the portal Librogame''s Land.

The Italian version will correct all the errors and typos, problems regolistici and the references to the wrong of the English versions, following all the most up to date lists of errata official of the necklace.

Publications Scholastic so far have been the following:

All of these titles are already in the works for Salani, but the order will be slightly changed:

These first four librogame are planned for May-June 2018, followed at a short ride from the translations of the other two have already been published in English: The House of Hell (#7 necklace Size Adventure of the EL, with the provisional title) and The City of Thieves (never translated in the necklace Size Adventure of the EL, provisional title).

After these first six titles, the series Fighting Fantasy Scholastic provides, in random order, and with the forecast output in April 2018:

– Deathtrap Dungeon, Ian Livingstone (#6 of the original series, #3 of both series Wizard)
– Island of the Lizard King, Ian Livingstone (#7 of the original series and #17 in the series Wizard, 2002)
– Appointment with F. E. A. R., Steve Jackson (#17 of original series, #18 of the series, Wizard 2002, and #16 in the series Wizard 2009)
– Creature of Havoc, Steve Jackson (#24 in the original series, #4 of the series, Wizard 2002 and #5 in the series Wizard 2009 – currently the last librogame written by Steve Jackson and perhaps the most complex, intricate, and difficult)
– The Shamutanti Hills, Steve Jackson (#1 of the series, a spin-off Sorcery, the original and #9 in the series Wizard 2002 – Sorcery, in Italian Witchcraft, is a necklace made from the other three librogame and also this in its entirety is considered to be another masterpiece of Steve Jackson)
– The Gates of Death, Charlie Higson (Unpublished).

Has not yet been established whether, and in what order we see these books in Italian as the Fighting Fantasy Salani. From the publishing house have hinted clearly that if the results of the first books will be positive, the intention of Salani is to publish all the books of the new series that will be produced by Scholastic.

Despite the fact that I work with the publication of the Fighting Fantasy Salani, how you are going to read from now on is the result solely of reasoning and assumptions are personal and not endorsed by anyone, made expressly with the best of intentions in quality of enthusiast, and lover of the series.

As you can see from the first 12 titles Scholastic, reprints involving so far almost exclusively titles from Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, the two founders and curators of the original series. The main theme chosen is that of the fantasy adventure set on Titan, which includes 10 titles out of 12 (we also know the plot of The Gates of Death, set in the Run). Suspicious that the only two librogame of setting different, House of Hell and Appointment with F. E. A. R. have been added to equate the presence of the two authors and their works (currently 5 and a half vs 5 and a half).

For the same reasons, the presence of librogame, set in the Run, and then recurring situations, places and characters, and covers so far 9 titles out of 12, including the first 6 have already been issued. There is the concrete suspicion that, apart from the books in the series, Sorcery and the two extra Steve Jackson, is the the Run the the heart of all the adventures of the series and on the consistency of this amazing continent will build the next releases.

If what you said was correct, follow me in this flight of fancy, the next titles Scholastic could be the other two volumes of Sorcery and Starship Traveller (Steve Jackson) and three other classics set in the Run of Ian Livingstone, from the fish among the following: Caverns of the Snow Witch, Temple of Terror, Trial of Champions and Crypt of the Sorcerer




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