The new day time on Rai 1: all programs of the day aired from September 2018 from 6 to 18.45


Published on Jun 27, 2018


What we will see in the day time on Rai 1 starting in September 2018? All the new features of the next television season were announced today, 27 June 2018, in the course of the presentation of the schedules of all the Rai Networks for the upcoming season. The news are many, but one had been widely announced by the weeks for which today there were no glaring surprises. Present in the audience, Antonella Clerici, conducting Caterina Balivo Eleonora Daniele, Francesca Fialdini, Elisa Isoardi...These are some of the faces of the new day time on Rai 1 and of the old...The Clerici, as we know, in fact, will not be the face de La prova del cuoco, which passed into the hands of Elisa Isoardi. But we discover, in detail, the complete schedule of the day time of Rai 1 for the next season. Among other novelties of the next season, the return on Rai 1 Caterina Balivo with the program Come to Me and the farewell of Marco Liorni to live life, to his place to Tiberio Timperi.

Here is the complete chart of all the programs that will begin in the first weeks of September

From 10 September on Bbc1 the day of the italians begins with UnoMattina, one of the most popular and long-lived of the Tv, made since 1986 thanks to the successful collaboration between Rai1 and Tg1. Also this year, after the success of the previous season, returns to run the pair of Franco Di Mare and Benedetta Rinaldi. From Monday to Friday from 6.40 to 10.00, services and insights from Italy and the World on the themes of current politics, international, economy, culture, customs and society, by the rubrics of medicine, travel and power. The offer will be completed and integrated by seven editions of the Tg1 Morning.

Lead: Franco Di Mare
and Benedetta Rinaldi

Aired from the 10th of September at 6.40


Italian stories is reconfirmed in the sixth edition, as a program of news and inquiry . Are the stories of the common people to be commented in the study from names in journalism, economics and entertainment. A large emphasis on evidence related to social issues, such as bullying, disability, the defense of the rights of the citizens. And’ the depth journalistic a master, through the narration of the facts of the moment, of everyday life. The badge of the transmission is the immediacy of the news, the painstaking research of the highlights related to the dynamics of our Country. Thanks to the collaboration of a team that is united and cohesive, the presenter and author Eleonora Daniele , ranges between the judicial report and the rose with great exclusive interviews , which give new insights to the information mass media.
In this new extended version there will be moments on the comparison among the guests, aimed to show the different faces of investigative journalism and the sociological.

Leads: Eleonora Daniele
Aired from the 10th of September at 10.00 a.m. the program will last about 30 minutes longer than in the past

The program, produced in collaboration with Endemol Shine Uk, is to be a great “feast of the kitchen”, made as a seasonal container of the show, developed through the story of the great “excellencies” Italian: from the products of the earth to those of the supply chain of food and wine, spaziandotra creative recipes and tributes to tradition. Always bringing to the city a proposal from the editorial of the most noble origins of the “Italian table”, without missing to give space to the “new”, that in terms of food, culture and health is moving all around. The transmission provides for the contest of culinary, specific address books on food (and not only), parentheses, regional cuisine in the round corners of history and current events of the food
and nutrition, research and valorisation of typical products, food safety and quality of raw materials. There will be areas dedicated to schools and experiments in the kitchen, raids
among the mestieriche revolve around the kitchen, live links from all over Italy (and not only) and the “classic” race daily between the two competitors side-by-side from the popular masters of the kitchen, but also by famous personalities. Everything will culminate in a final tournament, whereby the winner will win a rich prize.

Leads: Elisa Isoardi
On air from 10 September to 31 may, 11.40 will start with about ten minutes earlier than in the past

Is the new container of the afternoon of Bbc1 broadcast at 14.00 for 189 episodes, starting from September 10 next. The program, conducted by Catherine Balivo intend to be inspired as an adaptation
at The Hellen DeGeneres Show,” the talk-television show “Made in USA”, and since 2003, has won 36 the “Daytime Emmy Awards” and that sets the scene for interviews with celebrities and people in the audience, monologues, comedy presenter, and desibizioni music. The remake of the Italian programme in the united states will be conducted by Catherine Balivo that with this new effort marks his return on Bbc1. In the course of the episode will alternate interviews, games with the studio audience and the audience at home, news, repertoire, insights, clips, amazing stories of both famous personalities both of the common people. The program that will be aired by Rai Dear Rome, was created in collaboration with Magnolia. The director is Sabrina Busiello.

Leads: Caterina Balivo
on air from 10 September to 31 may at 14.00

The new project “Live Life“, while maintaining the tradition that has made this program a milestone of the appointment the afternoon of the viewers of Bbc1, involves some elements of change in an attempt to adapt to the new needs of a mature audience, but, in spite of everything, turned to the future. The news, the news and the entertainment will be the backbone of the entire program, thanks to a length more contained, will try new rhythms of the story and the new language of television. The study, in a renewed guise scenic, will be the central element of a story that the new pair of conduction consists of two professionals, consolidated like Francesca Fialdini and Tiberio Timperi, will try to untangle the duration of the entire transmission. The same study will live moments of surprise and will become a place where the italians can deal with the challenges of everyday life. Will appear new words, such as: the environment, science, nostalgia, experiment, adventure, beauty, but, above all, dream and the future. In the City Women's Francesca Fialdini will open
a real in-depth work on the issues of most burning interest for women. The sent on the territory will seek to immerse themselves in the world with more determination and tenacity, getting his hands dirty and mucking up the camera lens to give the viewer the feeling of living, in fact, Live Life. Among the main new features also the change of location: it will be broadcast from 16.30 with a duration well below the 3 long hours of the past.

Lead: Francesca Fialdini and Tiberio Timperi
Aired from the 10th of September at 16.30

This is the new day time on Rai 1 from the morning until 6 in the afternoon to 18.45.

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