The new Batman: Ben Affleck is (still) the Bat, but would not want to commit to long

Published on Feb 12, 2018

While Marvel continues with impunity back in the world of cinecomic, ready to score another point in its favor with the upcoming Black Panther, the cinematic universe DC find themselves not only at the box office but is short of breath, even in the phase of programming, and, invariably, it shows all its weaknesses with another chapter of the soap opera, The Batman, and Ben Affleck.

The film is a standalone on the bat, after a period of apparent calm after the change of the director (after the waiver of the same Affleck), continues to be harassed by continual rumors of the mighty Ben and his role as the protagonist of the film is Matt Reeves.

The results are little convincing of the Justice League, the inability of DC and Warner Bros. for continuing promotional campaigns effective, the effort to clearly define the timing of a project such as that of The Batman are inter-connected themes that are negatively affecting the whole environment, foremost of which was the same Ben Affleck becoming less convinced of its role within the DCEU.

A recent report from Revenge of the Fans tries to make clarity on the topic by specifying that the plaintiff has no intention of abandoning the role, but...

The current Batman is still Affleck. There will be a change up to when a Well will not be officially out of the game and, at the moment he is Batman. But as we have said, is a phase of negotiations at this time. It is not about money, but the presence and creative decisions.

Well not want to leave, but not want to commit for too long.

Personally I still consider Ben Affleck a Batman more than perfect, but it is understandable that the actor is scared by the visit of the production timing (braking precisely from thin hit at the box office of the DCEU) in relation to the fact that we are talking about an excellent director who, obviously, would like to devote to his career behind the camera that has already reserved a huge satisfaction.

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Source: Screenrant

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