The new App Store meets a lot of the developers. And what do you think?


Published on May 16, 2018


According to a recent study conducted by the analysis firm Sensor Tower, the redesigned App Store introduced last September along with iOS 11, seems to have finally satisfied the wishes of the developers, and the applications, in fact, can be found by users in a simple and quick way.

The discovery of the applications that is done browsing in the store – rather than using key words and referrals – grew steadily month after month, when iOS 11 is released, said Sensor Tower. The new graphical interface, in fact, has led to 15% of the app downloads you can find by browsing the store, thus registered an increase of 5 percentage points.

For years developers have complained about the fact that their applications were lost in the chaos of the App Store. On the inside, in fact, there are millions of titles and first of the restyling of the platform, it was very difficult to find quality ones, unless there was a strong marketing plan or a particular interest on the part of users.

The redesign of iOS 11 has brought to the fore the editorial content treated, with sections “App of the Day” and “the Game of the Day” regularly published, as well as lists and interviews with developers. In the past, Apple had tried to promote the applications through the lists and rankings but, more often, it was without delving into the reasons for which the people would have to download and install the software for the smartphone.

The search in the App Store is critical for developers, because the service is the only means authorized to sell, or to download applications for the iPhone and iPad, unlike programs for Android that, in addition to the download from the Play Store, can be found elsewhere.

And you as you are with the new App Store?

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