The new app of Google limits the data usage of other apps


Published on Nov 30, 2017


Google is launching a new application designed specifically to help users manage the use of the data. The new application is called Datally and helps us to reduce the consumption of data by other applications.

Characterized by an elegant and simple design,it offers features very interesting. It will show you which applications are abusing our data. After careful analysis, we suggest some solutions to reduce the use of the data on the basis of our activity.

In the upper part there is a button that allows us to stop the use of all the data in the background. Instead, if you do not want to block the use of all the data, Datally allows us to act also on every single application. Almost all of the functions of the app have been integrated directly into the operating system in the course of the years. However, many are hidden within the settings and Datally allows us to have on hand.

The app has been specifically designed to reduce the enormous use of data, making life easier for every user. Before being made official, the application has passed a testing period in the Philippines. The result was really good! Over 500,000 users have managed to preserve 30% of their data.

Is available to download for all devices with Android 5.0 and later. Also, it is an application really light, it weighs only 6 MB.

DOWNLOAD | Datally

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