The Never Ending Man: the documentary movie about Hayao Miyazaki in the cinema on the 14th of November


Published on Oct 26, 2017


Continues after the success of titles such as In this Corner of the World and the Shape of The Item the season at the cinema Nexo Digital e Dynit.

This time with a documentary dedicated to Hayao Miyazaki, widely recognised as the undisputed master of japanese animation.

Nausicaä of the Valley of the wind, My neighbor Tototoro, The Enchanted City, The castle, wandering Howl, just to name a few, are some of the masterpieces directed by Miyazaki, in September 2013, suddenly announced his withdrawal from the world of cinema. Despite this decision, Miyazaki could not hold back her unstoppable desire to create, and then decided to explore new forms of expression and new technologies.

So it was that a director of the japanese TV NHK, which had followed him for over ten years, has been able to document step-by-step rapprochement of the master to the world of animation, this time with the support of the young animators of the CGI. But it was not easy... Miyazaki, lover of drawing free-hand, has met with several obstacles and it is compared with the computer graphic and animation in CGI.

Now the result of that investigation comes to the cinema with Never-Ending Man – Hayao Miyazaki directed by Kaku Arakawa will be in theaters for one day only as a special event on 14 November, after the national preview expected at Lucca Comics & Games Friday, November 3 at 11 am at the Astra Cinema.

An approach that is intimate and delicate for a documentary that portrays Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki at the age of 70 years, in an attempt to return to the limelight. Once again.

Never-Ending Man – Hayao Miyazaki
Directed By: Kaku Arakawa
Sound: Shinichiro Ogata
Sound Design: Shigeyoshi Tanaka
Mounting: Tetsuo Matsumoto
Executive Producer: Yuki Ikeda
Production: NHK
Duration: 70'

The Never Ending Man: the documentary movie about Hayao Miyazaki in the cinema on the 14th of November is




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