The Narrow World: the short film sci-fi “Blomkamp-style”

Published on Feb 04, 2017

Let's take a look at The Narrow World, the short film by Brent Bonacorso wink wink to District 9, Neil Blomkamp

15 minutes of pure science fiction Neil Blomkamp-style, you are in a short film selected for you today. His name is The Narrow World, and has appeared recently on Vimeo thanks to Brent Bonacorso, who has written and directed.

The story here told is about a peaceful first contact with an alien civilization (so fashionable these days), landed above the skies of Los Angeles. A review of District 9 in short, look forward yet to a sequel.

For the moment, it seems that I'll have to “settle” for the wonderful job of Bonacorso. Here it is:

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