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Published on May 16, 2018


Time passes and the technology is always more advanced and becomes more and more part of our daily life: is not this the meaning of home automation? That branch of the technology developed to make our home more smart, and always connected with us and our habits. But there is now a step further: what is called voice Assistant, Smart Home, and in this guide we will show you the best to buy!

With home automation for example, we have seen how it is possible to manage in an autonomous, smart and connected to the outlets of the house, the garden, the cleaning of the floors, the temperature of the surroundings, the cuisine and much more. Each of these solutions, however, needs its own app with which to interface, making everything a bit complicated. A Smart Home is able to centralize all the devices in the smart so you can operate directly with a simple voice command! But in reality, these screen readers are also much more than that: let's see them more closely!

In the introduction we tried to explain in a few words, what are the potential of a narrator, Smart Home, focusing on their ability to interlink with other equipment smart home (that are compatible) so you can operate even more quickly – with a simple voice command – and extremely intuitive.

In short, a Smart Home can be seen as the “central brain” of a home, smart, able to administer the Domotic component of your home. But in reality, screen readers are even much more of this! Before seeing the best to buy, and then, analyze some of its main features:

These devices are typically quite inexpensive and are sold often in different formats depending on whether performance or technical characteristics, the best. However, with regard to the speech home automation, every voice assistant the Smart Home is compatible with certain brands/devices, then your choice will mainly fall on the “more compatible” with the ecosystem of the smart of your house. Here is the absolute best:

Online, especially in recent times, are spreading a lot of Smart Home, often also very cheap. In reality, it is difficult to verify how reliable and especially if you are able to run at least most of the functions we talked about in the previous paragraph. But above all, it is difficult to identify their compatibility with smart devices for home automation. Below, then, we will list the best Smart Home buy:

Directly from the Big G, these two speakers smart are able to help you in any task by connecting to the Internet and other smart devices in your home. Their “voice” is that of the Google Assistant, and you can just say “OK Google!” to log in to their endless capabilities! Both are available in various colours and, depending on the technical specifications, you can decide whether to get the Mini version (cheaper), or the standard.

Compatibility is huge, and includes not only music services (like Spotify or Play Music), and apps entertainment (like Netflix or YouTube), but they are also very provided the industry home automation where you can control devices smart house Philips, Nest, and Netatmo (for the thermostats, smart), TP-Link, D-Link, Sony, Xiaomi or Nvidia, and of course all the devices in the Google ecosystem such as the Chromecast or surveillance systems.

Google Home Mini supports Bluetooth and WiFi, it has a speaker integrated with 360° sound and can be set up with operating systems Android and iOS. Has a cost of 59 euros and can only be purchased from the Google Store. Same thing goes for Google Home, with the top touch, WiFi, dual-band (2.4 GHz + 5 GHz) and dual speaker. For him, the expense rises to $ 149. Here are the links to purchase:

The bitten apple could not be less, and Apple's HomePod is a strong response and a real Google Home geared especially to those who already own or are planning to create an ecosystem of Apple devices. This voice assistant the Smart Home has a simple design and minimal, and in the upper part includes a touch screen from which to control it (apart from the voice commands) by a simple tap.

Needless to say that also here the possibilities are endless and the only limit is the imagination! His voice we know well – the Syrians – and to talk with her you can just say “Hey Siri!” to activate it, and ask everything that comes into your mind. Also, being essentially a speaker at the smart, is able to play music with excellent quality, and if you buy two Apple HomePod they will connect up together to offer a musical experience even better. Also here we have integrated the WiFi technology and Bluetooth, but this Smart Home is only compatible with iOS devices.

Even here there is a wide compatibility in terms of apps and services, but above all accessories, with which you can create here a real ecosystem (Apple HomeKit) made of cameras, and took smart, lighting, sensors, and much more. There are also important partners, such as Philips, Nest, and Netatmo. To take it home you will need to go to the Apple Store or on the main site and – in white or black – you will have to spend 349€: here is the link to purchase!

Although not yet available in Italy (it can be purchased from but still has the Italian) the Smart Home of the online store the most famous the world has already reached its second edition, and offers accommodation in three versions to suit all budgets in short) his assistant's voice: Amazon Dot, Amazon Echo Amazon Echo Plus.

The speaking voice of these speakers smart is called Alexa and it has nothing to envy to the previous two competitors. These Smart Home can virtually answer all your questions, schedule your day and help in the management of the appliances with the smart of your home, and just as we have told you in the first paragraph. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can get more microphones to an audio of the best quality and specifications most effective.

Also the voice assistant Amazon is compatible with many music services and entertainment, and of course with those owners like Prime Video or Amazon Music as well as with famous brands like Philips. In our opinion, – when will be available the Italian – the best buy between the three is the Amazon Echo, which provides a good hardware at a price better than the previous and with a style that is very elegant and minimal. Prices start from $ 40 for the Dot and up to a maximum of $ 150 for the Echo Plus!

In this short article, we addressed the issue regarding the best assistants voice Smart Home, to be able to manage in a smart all smart appliances in the home and not only. As mentioned, however, is not the first time that we talk of home automation and we have already dealt with all the issues relating to the home smart, which you can take a look via the link below.

In the meantime, if something is not clear to you or you need help, please feel free to leave a comment below or send us a message via our Bot Messenger (Facebook) on our main page to get in direct contact with us and to find out offers, coupons, promotions and discounts at any time you want!




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