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Published on Nov 04, 2019


Welcome to Pyrite, a utopian world where we live in peace and harmony, without ever having known a lite, vegliati by the look of placid Marie, that is a giant d & c mechanical flying in the heavens, and ensures the happiness through his singing. This is the story of Kai and Pipi, who will embark on a long journey through the reassuring certainties of the world in which they live in search of a deeper truth.

And as you know the search for truth is often raw and involves a suffering that at times you could save if you accept to stay lulled in their convictions of the facade. And this is precisely the journey that the protagonist Kai, a young man who since he was ten years old he had a different life than not only his peers, but also with respect to all those who share with him the Earth. His connection with the divinity is the central focus of the plot, which tackles, in the round the relationship which binds Man to the Supreme Being: it is God, as a superior being, who created man as an experiment is always perfectible in time, or is the human race, as finished, in need of a God to prove his existence, giving him a purpose that transcends the daily life of the events? Can a human being live without believing in something that can make the source better and more noble, and then his life worthy of being lived?

The sensei Furuya Usamaru tries to give an answer to this great theme which accompanies us from the beginning and for which there is obviously not a unique answer; on the other hand, the author starts from a theological base that is different from that of the Western world and for this reason, his vision becomes even more interesting because based on the assumptions data from a culture which is very far away in this case from our. And theological reflection can have an impact on the social component of the created world, from sensei, in which, as mentioned, peace and harmony are the basis of everything; in a world such as ours, in which the harmony is an ideal to be unattainable, this vision seems to really ask a lot of questions. But be careful! This harmony also has a cost, which undermines the progress that Pyrite is not granted. But even here, will be back again overbearing the role of a man who in the end is the arbiter of himself and his destiny.

But, in this way, this manga might seem to be a treaty rather than a comic book, but the narration manages to be very nice and smooth and you will find you have read the over 500 pages, this full-bodied volume in less than no time; but it will not be a reading that is vague and useless, because it will relieve you of many issues while scorrerete pages.

From the graphical point of view, we have a work really fine with a new world with a steampunk style that often mixes with a dreamlike atmosphere and sci-fi that draws on the tables of the atmospheres of Moebius. The stretch is delicate and light, allowing you to give the whole even more the idea of dreams.

The packaging of Coconino Press, as always, is precious, and the necklace Doku demonstrates, for the value and variety of titles, one of the best experiments publishing in the field of manga in Italy.

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