The mother of Giordana Angi speaks of coming out and of the food problems of the singer of Friends 18


Published on Jun 03, 2019


Second classified at the Friends 18, Giordana Angi was definitely one of the protagonists of this edition. She conquered the public with her voice but also with his personal story, often told in the songs that he writes. We have heard you speak of family but also of his private life. The singer in the school of Friends has always sung the songs that represent it and that also speak of the love life of a lesbian girl. From the pages of the Ofmore, the mother of Giordana tells the story as it was to hear the words of his daughter when he came out.

The mother of the Jordanian was the protagonist, among other things, of a very sweet moment in the evening of Friends when she arrived in the studio to make a surprise his daughter. Interviewed by the journalists of Ofmore he also wanted to talk about his relationship with his daughter, and not only:

“First, when he was eighteen, he finally found the courage to confess that he was homosexual. I had never suspected anything from it: however, I said that, of course, for me it changed nothing, that I would have loved even more than before. Hearing these words of mine, my daughter is freed of a weight that is carried inside for years.”


The mother of Giordana has also reminded us of a very sensitive period of her daughter, a period during which she has had to overcome moments of difficulty because of eating disorders.

He alternated between anorexia and bulimia: there were times when we stopped to eat and lost many pounds, and others where you ingozzava up to be evil. I was trying to help her in all ways. I brought it to a psychologist, the stimolavo to get out, to do sports. But it didn't help much: for two years Giordana has been awful. Then, little by little, he found the strength to recover.

Now, Giordana is able to focus on his music, doing what he loves best: writing and singing. And we wish you all the best to you and to all the guys who have this dream and above all, talent!

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