The most beautiful phrases of GQ on women, sex and love

Published on May 06, 2016

From 1999 to 2016, the editors of GQ has picked the best nuggets of wisdom and irony to celebrate the release of the number 200. Among these, 15 are devoted to women, sex and the complicated mechanism that links the two things.

Starting from an unsettling Rocco Siffredi promoter of dialogue, to the confession of bestial and carnal, with Jack Nicholson, up to the most chaste Slash that will never make “a blowjob before getting on stage.” Women are much more in leg of men, that confused the cavalry and servility, and underestimate the risks that a family entails and don't understand how much the words count always much less of the hands to meet.

1) women are much more capable than what you think. The bikes are used to impress other males.
(George Clooney, actor, July 2001, GQ n.22)

2) it is Not that one becomes sexy after a process of transformation, or the six, or you're not.
(Benicio Del Toro, actor, July 2002, GQ-n.34)

3) my casting part from the dialog box.
(Rocco Siffredi, the porn actor and director, August 2007, GQ n.95)

4) Are a type of beast, prone to carnality.
(Jack Nicholson, american actor, march 2008, GQ n.102)

5) High, more, lean, and with a butt baby.
(Danilo Gallinari, basketball player, march 2008, GQ n.102)

6) Anyone doing a thing is to be loved.
(Morgan, musician, February 2009, GQ n.113)

7) The adventure is fascinating, while in the family the word " end " you can see very well.
(Gabriele Muccino, the director, January 2010, GQ n.124)

8) You can be kind and chivalrous without being servile.
(Mario Caraceni, tailor, march 2010, GQ n.126)

9) Never make you do a blowjob before getting on stage.
(Slash, guitar player, march 2010, GQ n.126)

10) If I were gay I would marry tomorrow.
(Javier Bardem, actor, September 2012, GQ n.156)

11) I can't say I know women.
(Bruce Willis, actor, February 2013, GQ n.161)

12) The women teach you how to treat other women, and the life.
(Pharrell Williams, a musician, December 2013, GQ n 171)

13) women are always in pain, but the pain is still strong and the hernia.
(Martìn Castrogiovanni, rugby player, February 2014, GQ n.173)

14) With the words, there is lost, with the hands we found.
(Enzo Cucchi, an artist, February 2015, GQ n. 185)

15) If a woman takes nine months to make a baby, it is not that if we take the nine women we can put in a month.
(Mark Rettighieri, experienced manager in the management of complex systems, June 2015, GQ n. 189)


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