The most absurd in the history of the Draft


Published on Apr 23, 2020


It had to be in Las Vegas to celebrate the arrival of the Raiders in the city, was to be the first draft of the amphibian of history, with the prospects ferried up to the stage for the embrace of the rite of Roger Goodell. It had to be a draft historical, the of Thursday. And he will be, even if for reasons totally opposite to what you could expect. It will be the first draft of the telematic history, and if the reasons behind this change of plan are tragic and known to all, the consequences could be that the list you are about to read will be at least a dozen times hauntingly absurd. Will Jerry Jones that fails to push the mute button? It will be an army of hackers ready to infiltrate in the chat Zoom?

Probably our 32 GM will find ways to amaze us that we can't even imagine. That said, even in normal conditions, the Draft has always been a mine of anecdotes of the absurd. We have collected them in this ranking of the most incredible in the history of the Draft.

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If there has been much in these days, and this first choice is a bit obvious. But it is impossible not to since the disaster combined by the Vikings in the first round of the Draft 2003. The excess of the Minnesota had the seventh overall pick and was in talks with the Ravens to Trade Down, but in the flurry of negotiations, the leaders stopped to keep an eye on the stopwatch. Result: the Vikings choose at 9 instead of 7, passed by the timing of the Jaguars and the Panthers, but without getting anything in return. Not bad, considering that, with the ninth choice you bring home the Kevin Williams, you will become one of the best Defensive Tackle in the league.

The year before, the Vikings would have been able to anticipate the Chiefs, but failed to announce the pick in time. Incredible.

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Ricky Williams is a shy guy, with broad shoulders and a cascade of dread in the head. Is the Heisman-in-charge, one of the best prospects of running back never seen, or even Eric Dickerson compares it to a "Earl Campbell, but faster". At the dawn of the nfl draft 1999 all want Ricky Williams, starting from the fans of the Eagles, to the point that the mayor of Philadelphia is exhibited in a endorsement official product of Texas. When Philly with the number 2 instead chooses Donovan McNabb, the fans, the Eagles cover by whistling their future franchise quarterback.

Somewhere in Louisiana, Mike Ditka is grinning. The Coach of the Saints (who would choose to 12) snorts a shot of cuban and enter the number of the Cincinnati Bengals, the holders of the third absolute. Ditka offers, but everything, what I can offer, but the Bengals incredibly refuse. Ditka then was content and calls to Washington, D. C. The Redskins accept and give them the five in exchange for all of the choices of Saints, and a first and a third in the next year.

Without doubt trade most absurd in the history of the Draft, and gave start to the career unique of Ricky Williams, which I highly recommend to recover.

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The draft 2005 gives us one of the moments of sadism, the collective the most cruel in the history of live TV. Millions of people are glued to the screen as a boy of twenty years, he sees his childhood dream crumble around the world. Aaron Rodgers was safe to finish his 49ers, who had the first choice, and instead spend hours and hours to wait while half the NFL the prefer to people of the caliber of Cedric Benson, Cadillac Williams, Erasmus James.

To describe those moments Aaron Rodgers has used two words: disappointment and embarrassment. To remove it from both the Green Bay Packers, who choose with the number 24 even if they already have a quarterback bravino.

The rest is football history.

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Imagine this scene. Roger Goodell that from the stage – or rather, from the basement of his house – announces: "With the 228 choice of the Draft 2020, the Atlanta Falcons choose Sylvester Stallone – QB, University of Miami".

Absurd, right? And if I told you that it would not be the first time that the Falcons choose a successful actor? In 1972, the infants Falcons participated in their sixth Draft. Then the laps were 17 (!), and by the fourteenth, then the GM are scraping the bottom of the barrel. Not knowing which fish to take, the GM of the Falcons Norm Van Brocklin has an idea: she turns towards the rest of the leadership massed in the War Room and asks, "you Want the toughest son of a bitch in this draft?". The answer of course, unanimous: "YES." Van Brocklin lifts the handset and calls the offices of the NFL: "we Choose John Wayne of Fort Apache State".

I know that seems absurd, but it's all true.

Unfortunately, the then Commissioner Pete Rozelle will refuse to announce the selection, forcing the Falcons to choose a real player in college football. At that, the Falcons would have been able to argue that in spite of the 64 springs "The Duke" was a player in college, seeing that he had played at USC as an offensive tackle.

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In 1944, the Philadelphia Eagles chose a fullback from Syracuse, this Norm, Michael. Everything is ok, if it was not that Michael had replied to another draft, that of the american army, and was only discovered in 1999, he was the choice at the eighteenth lap of the Eagles. Worse was the Raiders, the actual presence of the draft. In 1995, the Raiders had their eyes on Eli Herring, Olineman from BYU. Small problem: the Herring had already informed personally of each team did not want to become a professional. The reason for this? "Sunday is Church Day," and to the devout Eli Sundays you spend in Church, not in the Black Hole. Al Davis, being Al Davis, if shrugs blissfully and choose Herring the sixth round, went so far as to send an assistant to the house of the young with a cheque signed, and a million and a half reasons to choose the NFL. Nothing to do, with the peace of Al Davis, for Herring on Sunday will remain “Church Day”.

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Here we will talk about the history of television. Since 1983 Mel Kiper published his guide to the nfl draft in 1994, is one of the draft analist more established – and spocchiosi – in circulation. The Colts have a choice in the top 10 – and the GM Bill Tobin in the usa for Marshall seven seasons. Since here no problem for Kiper, that, as every year, pontificates from his bench in the studio of ESPN. But when Tobin is trade up to return in the first round and select a linebacker, Kiper loses the pitcher. According to him, it was crazy not to use that trade up to take home a talented generation as the QB Trent Dilfer (!!), and this is the reason why the Colts "are a joke, and choose to be in the top 2 every year." At that point, give the fool is Bill Tobin, and the one that follows is one of the most incredible of the Draft.


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Before Tony's temperature that day, Jon Gruden and recently Tom Brady, the Tamba Bay “Suckaneers” were the joke of the league, to the point that Warren Sapp, the son of Florida and then the legend of the team, described the day in which the Bucs chose him as the worst of his life. Tampa was the realm of the absurd, a place where things went wrong even when there were no direct responsibility, such as during the incredible draft 1982. That year, the leadership Tampa was set on the defensive end Booker Reese, talent, but is problematic. At the time of communicating the choice, a disturbance to the lines means that the clerk of the NFL understands “Sean Ferrell” instead of “Booker Reese”, and so the Bucs find themselves with a guard from Penn State instead of a DE from Bethune.

The Karma seems to smile to the Bucs when on the second lap, Reese is still on the board. But being the Suckaneers the Suckaneers, things will go wrong quickly: Reese will put us two seasons to get hunting for the abuse of alcohol and cocaine, revealing a bust of a colossal.

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Before the Draft 2016, Laremy Tunsil was the best Offensive Lineman on the square. No doubt, character, technical, or physical seemed to be able to derail the draft stock of the Left Tackle from Ole Miss. Then, ten minutes before the start of the Draft, on the personal twitter account of Tunsil check a video in which the product of the Rebels smokes from a bong attached to a gas mask. Who it was is not known, what is certain is that Tunsil is likely to finish out of the first round.




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