The Morning 5 the story of little Tommy, who has ichthyosis lamellar


Published on Nov 11, 2019


Did he really discuss the whole of Italy the story of the little John the baptist, the baby suffering from harlequin ichthyosis, in the last days. Little we knew probably of this disease and of the great suffering that you can try, so that often do not pass the first week of life. The little John the baptist, however, is fighting and has a great desire to live. His story has moved many people, and in the episode of the Morning, 5 in the air today, Federica Panicucci has told the story of little Tommy, he also hit from ichthyosis since birth. Thomas, who is now six years old and attends the first grade, it suffers from ichthyosis lamellar. Also in this case we are dealing with a rare disease that affects the skin. Someone also speaks of the “kids fish”: the disease, in fact, has scales on the skin that is often secchissima. Also, the little Tommy, arrived in the studio in the Morning and 5 this morning, it shows on his body the signs of this disease. And a child smiling and full of desire to live. His mom today, she smiles, but admits that nothing has been simple: when Tommy was born he had lost hope. Today, instead, embraces him and speaks of his history in front of thousands of Italian tv.

While his mom moves, telling the story of the small, is Tommy, caressing her face to comfort her. She has found strength in the first contact with the small, and when she shook his hand, after a few days of life, he realized that he would have continued his battle, because he really had a great desire to live. “I thought that would take me away,” he told the mother of little Tommy, who then explains how difficult it is living with this disease. The complications in summer and in winter because of too hot and way too cold. “The first time I wondered why it was happened to me, but now I feel lucky,” said the mother of the small.

“I didn't know where to start, I had many questions but few answers, since it is a rare disease even the doctors knew what to tell me. There was only a little girl of 4 months who had a milder form. The rest was all from discover, along the way there has been a succession of thoughts and emotions. But it was him to give me a great strength and I can take care of him. Now also go to school,” said mother Clare.

Take care of the small is not easy because the skin should always be hydrated with lots of emollient creams. The night is not simple, because he can't sleep. We must always be careful and prevent sudi, because otherwise the skin gets wet, then dries out and splits.

The Panicucci asked how is the relationship with the other. It was not easy because the small up to two years has had a very different appearance from that of today. With the passage of time things have improved. “Even today, maybe when the port to the sea the children do not want to give him a hand, but then when he shows up and plays, things change,” said mother Clare.

To help little Tommy and the children with the same disease, you can visit the site

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