The moon Forest: a new puzzle game from the enchanting atmosphere


Published on Oct 24, 2017


“The moon Forest” is a new puzzle game for iPhone and iPad, whose actions take place within an enchanted forest inhabited by mysterious creatures.

Among the new appearances of the week, also figure the new game for the iPhone and iPad, titled Moon Forest, an idea realised and published on the App Store by the authors of Nanovation. As reported on the relevant tab, the app is only in English, but given the very little text in the app, not necessarily must be experts in the language, requires iOS 7.0 or later versions and is the ideal starting from the fourth year of age.

The moon the Forest can be downloaded at the modest price of 2.29 € and is graphically compatible to iphone that Apple's tablet. The authors start the description with a simple question: “have You ever lost in the forest?” The puzzle game features a beautiful enchanted forest, inhabited by strange creatures that will do anything to keep you locked inside. It is your duty to find the shortest way, trying to avoid the mysterious creatures.

The game controls are primarily based on a simple tap on the display. Each proposed level generates a path that we must find and reach the exit. You have to solve numerous puzzles, paying attention to the steps wrong. Not always the shortest way will be the right solution; other times we need to repeat two times the same path or opt for secondary roads.

Another peculiarity of the game is the complete absence of any aiutini during the phases of the game. If you do not arrive at the solution of a level, well, you'll have to look more because it will not be possible to ask aid of any kind.

Link – Price 2,29 €

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