The moon Display lets you use the iPad Pro as the screen of a Mac Mini and use macOS


Published on Nov 15, 2018


The iPad Pro is a phenomenal device, but it is not a computer. We have already told you this sentence on several occasions but with a small accessory, things can change.

Thanks to a little dongle called the Moon Display, it is possible to use the iPad Pro as a display for Mac Mini, turning the tablet into a computer.

Luna Display makes a sort of mirroring through its dongle using the WiFi network at an extremely high speed, hundreds of times higher than any VNC service and 3 times faster than the streaming AirPlay.

With this solution we will be able to use desktop applications, and view macOS on the iPad. We will be able to interact with the keyboard, the touch and even the mouse. Will be installed an application on a Mac as that in the iPad and you will then have to connect the dongle to the computer.

The project was created to make the iPad a secondary display to match the laptop, but then it was found out that it can also work as the main display of a Mac Mini, natively, without the screen.

According to the team of Astropad, the producers of the Moon Display, the use of this accessory is to create an entirely new product because essentially we are going to create an iPad with macOS. In reality, we will be able to use both systems because the iPad will continue to have iOS but, by launching the application the Moon, we'll show you the computer and then the desktop operating system.

This setup combines the best of both products. We will have a processor and a power of a Mac Mini-the beautiful screen, edge-to-edge of the iPad Pro. Using the application the Moon, you'll be able to enjoy the full retina resolution of the iPad display. In addition, you will add new ways to interact with the macOS because you can take advantage of at the same time as the mouse, keyboard, Apple, Pencil, and your fingers.

For all functions, you need to connect the Luna Display into the USB port of the Mac Mini, having a keyboard, a mouse and a good WiFi connection. The dongle can be purchased from the official site at 79,99$.

We recommend watching the video at the top of the article.

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