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Published on Oct 31, 2017


Comes in all the shelves is the new necklace Italian Editorial Cosmos, A Hero, a Battle which, as is easily guessed from the title cut will be historic, and will consist of 4 total outputs by taking us so up to January 2018.

There could not be a battle more suited to be put down on paper, if not that of Caporetto, whose hundredth anniversary fell almost to coincide with the release of this first album: fought from 24 October-12 November 1917, Caporetto is considered to be without a shadow of a dubious battle more dramatic, and defeat the most devastating ever suffered by the Italian army.

To put us back in the trench is Giulio A. Gualtieri, which tells the escape of a diverse group of soldiers, led by corporal Pedron, which escapes from the Basin of Bovec fall in the hands of the Austrians by folding, in search of a shelter, just to Kobarid, where shortly the defeat would have been total.

The author has no interest in delving into the reasons political and economic, of a war that Caporetto was one of the photographs the most obscene nor has the intention to tell in the romantic spirit the value of the fighters rather to The Mists of Caporetto shows the side more (dis)of the human war and then closed in an ideal way that Dunkirk, that many of the consensus has been bringing into vogue the kind of war but from an angle, intimate, personal, and desperate if we want to.

That angle is the same as that of Gualtieri uses the addition of historical accuracy – the maps that mark the advance of the austrian – which increase exponentially the sense of oppression and urgency of the escape of a group that the trench after the trench is decimated up to the defeat of Pinzano al Tagliamento, however, in a daring, it was also a prelude to the resistance on the Piave that vanificò the advanced until then, unstoppable, the austrians.

If the author shows a deep knowledge of the subject with which you are dealing with the true pin of the register is the war understood as a force, it is devastating and overwhelming that disrupts in a way inevitable in the life of man: the Italian soldiers are fighting side-by-side, but for a country where they do not yet recognize this fact, and which are still, today, deep divisions between the north and the south, between the soldiers and officers that is, the ruling class and the people.

We are made of the same material of our memory: the History has never indifferent. Here is the sense of history, a brilliant and ruthless, which tells us that Gualtieri.

The graphics part is curated by Emilio Lecce to balance his tract between realism never too exaggerated, and a certain japanese influence, japanese in terms of the anatomy and positioning of the figures in the table. The work of the designer can be reported also for an effective use of chiaroscuro – the use of “tentatively” in the first few pages and then become an integral part of the narrative for the pictures – and the good use of the table “restricted” in the pocket size that seems to limit it, indeed, is exploited to accentuate the tension between the characters, forced in spite of them, to share in the escape – and to highlight some details in a timely manner as well as the battles that they are almost photographs, “snapshots”, the terrible and deadly.

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