The Midnight Sun by Francesca Dell'omodarme | Review


Published on Nov 07, 2019


The pisa Francesca Dell'omodarme, after a few small independent publication, and made his debut with BAO Publishing with The midnight sun, a modern fairy tale that disrupts the classic and recurring patterns of light/goodness and darkness/evil and telling the story of two sisters, destined to be the guardians of day and night, which must in all ways to find a balance in their relationship to ensure that this is maintained also in the entire cosmos.


The protagonist of the story is the small Sam, a lively divinity-a child destined to become the guardian of the night, and to maintain balance in the cosmos, together with his sister Bel, the guardian of the day. The latter, as it is usually of the brothers, is much more disciplined and responsible for the little sister, who is not feeling the confidence or in the same Nice or around the world, “fairy tale” in which he lives.


Discouraged and with a desire to show themselves worthy of the task to which it is destined, Sam will come in contact with humans who still believe in her, to find herself soon having to deal with the era of the “midnight sun”, a perpetual period where the light never leaves the space to the darkness, negating the beneficial effects of the night before scoring an imbalance in the cosmos as a whole. Also thanks to the presence of a small human, Niah, she will learn to be a worthy guardian of the night, deepening the relationship (more “human” than ever) with his sister Bel.


Reversing a topos of the narrative classic, the author of The midnight sun offers us a story in which centre we find the family dynamics, with the “microcosm of the divine” which must regain its balance to ensure that the entire “macrocosm” natural can continue to exist: to fulfill its task to be the guardian of the night, little Sam will have to “grow” studying the value of the family, finally arriving to find a meeting point with her sister Bel. The night, on the other hand, can not exist without the day and vice versa, as well as any environment (human or divine that is) involves the ability to create and maintain the right relationships between individuals, creatures, or deities, in order to be in balance and not collapse into itself. In this fairy tale, are human beings that are in aid of the deity, not providing aid “magical” or dramatic as the classic of the usual narratives, but simply bringing on the stage the whole of their humanity, made yes of defects but also many positive feelings. And the small Niah, that we discover in the course of history have also a complicated family history, offers Sam simply with his presence a different perspective from which to see things. Thanks to the “mirror” that the girl offers you, Sam will be able to “grow” to deal with the dangers that lurk behind the era of the midnight sun, completing and finally becoming ready to sustain, together with Bel, the operation of the entire cosmos.


Using the traditional patterns of fairy tale, presenting gently a world of “mythical” full of problems that human, Francesca Dell'omodarme, she prepares a work that goes well with the publishing, Bao Publishing, offering readers a history of “fantasy” at the right point full of humor and tenderness, and packed from the atmosphere, “enchanted” actually visible even under the graphic point of view. For this, the parties to the “action” of the story (still in the minority in the general context) are slightly deficient, but the “heart” of the work (that does not reside of course in these situations) emerge to be appreciated in the fulfillment of history. Quiet, serene, and “clear”, as the most peaceful nights in the world.

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